Saturday, December 29, 2012

Count Down and Songs of My Heart

Today I am continuing my Count Day to New Years with sharing my favorite posts from 2012.
Since it's Saturday I wanted to share a Then Sings My Soul post. But . . .

I found a new linky and I loved the challenge they posed. To share a song about Beginnings.

This wonderful old song was the first song I posted for Then Sings My Soul back in 2010.
A new beginning for me. Sharing songs each week.

As I think of the words and as it plays in a seperate window it brings back many, many memories for me.

This song became popular way back in the day when I was in high school. I sang it in church choir.

Although I loved the song the beat and melody at the time and the words I don't think I really allowed the beauty of these words penetrate my sould. (At least I don't remember)

Till by faith I met him face to face
And I felt the wonder of his grace
The I knew that
he was more than just a God that didn't care . . .
Now he walks beside me day by day
Ever watching over me lest I stray
Helping me to find that narrow way

He's Everything to Me

So as 2013 Begins I want to remember these words and I want Him to be . . .

Everything to My Journey

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Denise said...

Awesome, love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you back to share <3 Bless you!

Amy Wyatt said...

Hi Blogosphere friends,
It’s been at least six months since you’ve heard from me. I’m sorry I dropped out of blogging for a while but there were several reasons. Family medical issues etc. have been crazy and have kept me extremely busy, but one of the main reasons I stopped “Then Sings my Soul” was I discovered after attending a conference that it is illegal to post the lyrics to songs on the internet on your blog, tweet, Facebook page etc. You can link to a video but if the video has the lyrics that also is illegal. So, I stopped the meme and gave it some time and distance. I still need to take down my old posts that contain lyrics and you should too if you have posted the actual lyrics to a song. I am sorry it has taken me so long to communicate with you as to a reason why I just stopped blogging. I’m hoping to start back on a regular basis at the beginning of this school year on a different blog. I hope you are all doing well. The songs were fun while they lasted. Take care.