Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Household Survival Tips

I was thinking about the things that make me Smile today for  the ending of my post.  A few random things came to mind immediately followed by the idea for this post. 

updated after posting...I noticed my font seems small...Here's one more random tip. If you can't read it easily go to the little round wheel looking thing on your computer.  Mine is in the upper right corner.  If you click on it it will let you zoom and enlarge your window.  You can choose how big.  It should default to 100%.  You can change to smaller or larger.  I found this by accident.  I use it now to read the word verify.  It works great! 
Sorry my font is so small.  I don't know what happened.  Please read on anyway!

So today I am sharing  3 random tips and stories about things that made our House a home. 

Home Survival Tip #1
Let's start with clean sheets. 
I love the feel of clean sheets on the bed.  As I was spending a couple of waking moments this morning before I got up and started my day I was going over what I was going to do.  Washing the sheets was on the list and I began to think of getting back in bed to those beautifully clean sheets. 

Woman making bed

                                          Source (click Here) With Allergy friendly home tips
Here's the story in this tip.  Back in the day when my Cowboy was in the corporate world he traveled alot!  He was usually gone Mon. or Tues. thru Friday.  Being the good wife that I am I always made sure to have the bedding clean on the night he returned home. 

After probably a couple of years I was running late and didn't get the sheets (we have a king bed and only had one set of sheets)  He stopped me as I started to strip the bed and
said.  "Honey you really don't have to do that.  I really don't like clean sheets."  I am looking at him and thinking in my head what a nut case.  He must be joking.  But he continued to explain.  After sleeping in hotels for days.   And sleeping on freshly made beds it was kind of nice to come home and feel 'at home'.

Now I am no dummy.  I know a good thing when I hear it!  No more clean sheets for this man. 
(at least not after a long week of traveling)  

That small little thing sure made my life simpler.  Because while he was gone I spent the week being mommy and daddy. 

Home Survival Tip #2 . . .
Cook His Kill  

This is not one I really had a probably with but after reading a couple of comments from other bloggers and remembering back to the days that Cowboy was hunting and talking to other hunters wives I remember those ladies comments about cooking The Kill. 

Ladies it makes your husband happy and proud to eat the meat he brings home.  I know you might be all wierded out about it but my tip is

Pray for him while he hunts. (and girls that means Pray for his safety and that he 'gets a big one'  It really isn't nice to pray he comes home empty handed.)  Pray for him when he comes home.  And say a little prayer for yourself while your cooking it. 

Seriously think about this.  The man has probably spent hours getting ready for the 'big' hunt.  Especially if he is on a lease.  He probably spent days and hours trying to find that lease.  At least that is the way it is in Texas.  And the cost.  Wow I don't even want to know what he spent.  And so,  I figure the least we can do is cook His Kill. 

I saw this post the other day at Susan's. I bet you didn't realize how lucky you are!

Back in the day when I was learning to cook The Kill I didn't have inter-net.  Now a days all you have to do is go to a linky party to find tips!  Thanks Susan for sharing at  Jacqueline's
Encouraging One Another linky party.  Click here.

Home Survival Tip #3
Whistle while you work....No that really isn't it but it popped into my crazy head....But actually it is a good idea!
My real tip is Pray yep Pray while you work.

Is there a household job that is just absolute drudgery to you?  There was a time when we lived in this house that had the prettiest white tile.  It was in the entry, the hall bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, the game room and the master bath!  And these rooms were big.   It was one of those entries that you could actually put a big 'ole round table in with a beautiful floor arrangement kind of like you see on t.v.

This is what I felt like every time I mopped.  And so I began to pray.  It wasn't one of those times of sweet prayers.  You know the kind.  It was one of those crying out kind.  One of those help me God kind of prayers.   

Fast forward a few years later. 
We lived for a short time in a house that had all concrete floors.  I loved those floors and I realized I didn't mind mopping!  It wasn't that I loved the concrete floors it was because God had had changed my heart.  God was right there with me while I was mopping and he was giving me a smile.

I hope that my tips and stories today gave you a little encouragement and filled your day with Smiles.  

Do you have any Survival tips for Homemaking?
Leave me a comment.

Smiling Through The Journey . . .


Smiley Things today (aka Things that make me Smile today)

An empty clothes hamper (that means all the laundry is done!)
Little boy cowboy boots (we're from Texas)
Speaking of...Living in Texas
Cinnamon Rolls yumm yumm

So are there any random simple things that make you smile today?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, Oh man I have ashma, and BAD allergies,since moving to town this past April, they are so much worse.
I have to dust all the time or they give me trouble.
I make my own cleaning products,and laundry soap which help. I wash my pillows which I need to do now LOL.
I can not hardly handle any cleaning product you get in stores...

Anonymous said...

Since moving to town Jacob(SON) use to hunt(We was renting a house in country) so this is our first season not to hunt in 11 years. :( Makes son ,and I sad but we look at it this away, we are finally in our own home,and not renting :)
(DH did not hunt LOL Just Jacob,and I)

Denise said...

Nice tips, love you.