Monday, December 10, 2012


Welcome to Brrr Blue Monday.  Today I am wearing those Blue Slippers!  We got a Blue Northern and there was even a little snow on the rooftops this morning when I took Daisy out.
(This post is in Two parts.)
It's winter in Texas.  At least for today! 

And now on with the Blue . . .

 Pretty to look at but this Texas Gal is glad I don't live there.

And getting  back to my tradition of sharing a Horse pic on Mondays too.  This one fits the Blue Brr theme...

Wishing You Blessings and Smiles on  Your Journey . . . Part two below the link...
Linking with Smiling Sally for Blue Monday.  Click Here to visit Sally.

May your Journey today be filled with smiles.  I wanted to start something new on my blog on the first but I woke up and it was something like the 5th and I hadn't gottin' it done.  So today seemed like a beautiful day to start. 
Each day I am going to end my post with a short list of things that are making me smile today. 

Today I am smiling because . . .
Soup is in the crockpot. 
The sun is shining in the bedroom window
My living room is decorated and the view of the mantel from where I sit just makes me smile!

So what makes you smile today? 
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