Monday, December 10, 2012


Welcome to Brrr Blue Monday.  Today I am wearing those Blue Slippers!  We got a Blue Northern and there was even a little snow on the rooftops this morning when I took Daisy out.
(This post is in Two parts.)
It's winter in Texas.  At least for today! 

And now on with the Blue . . .

 Pretty to look at but this Texas Gal is glad I don't live there.

And getting  back to my tradition of sharing a Horse pic on Mondays too.  This one fits the Blue Brr theme...

Wishing You Blessings and Smiles on  Your Journey . . . Part two below the link...
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May your Journey today be filled with smiles.  I wanted to start something new on my blog on the first but I woke up and it was something like the 5th and I hadn't gottin' it done.  So today seemed like a beautiful day to start. 
Each day I am going to end my post with a short list of things that are making me smile today. 

Today I am smiling because . . .
Soup is in the crockpot. 
The sun is shining in the bedroom window
My living room is decorated and the view of the mantel from where I sit just makes me smile!

So what makes you smile today? 


Anonymous said...

wooohooo we got a little snow here :)
Pretty pictures of the horse :)

SmilingSally said...

I like your list of happy things.

Thanks for sharing your Brrr Bluuuue. I'm perfectly happy getting no closer to snow than your picture.

Happy Blue Monday, Sherry.

Pie said...

Beautiful pics!

My Blue Monday.

Anonymous said...

COOL! what part of Texas, Im in N. Part

LV said...

In my part of of Texas where the West begins, we got a sprinkle of snow. Did last long tho which suits me just fine. Very cold compared to what we have been having.

Denise Marie said...
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Denise Marie said...

Sorry about the comment error..

This Texas gal doesn't want it to get but soooo cold either. lol Love the pictures!!

Laura said...

lovely photos... I'm smiling because it is my daughter's birthday:-)

Denise said...

I love snow.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I wish it snowed where I lived!
So glad to have found you through the UNITE link-up.
I enjoyed your post very much!
I look forward to reading more.
Hope you will hop over and visit us as well.

Merry Christmas,
Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

Cassandra said...

Oh, love, love the photos..

Visited from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..