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Count Down Traditions and a Recipe Secret

Counting Down 2 Days to Christmas  and sharing Family Traditions and a Recipe Secret . . .
It  took a lot for me to share 'this secret' but since we're all sisters in faith I decided I needed to open my heart and give you a Gift. 

But first the tradition that lead to the 'Secret'.  I am sharing it today because this Tradition began on a Sunday.

The Sunday night Smorgasbord . . .

When our kids were young (late elementary and jr. high) we began a Sunday night tradition of cooking and eating party type food.  I love appitzers and making them for parties.  Our Sunday night tradition was one where I tested a lot of food . . .
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We had these at a resturant and so I tried them at home.  Way back in the day (this was in the 80's) this was a new thing.  An Irish nacho.   Basically a simple potato slice with cheese, bacon,  and chives. 
This one was a keeper!

We tried all kinds of ideas.  Stuffed mushrooms were a keeper with the men but our daughter didn't go for them. 

Another none keeper were those tortilla's filled with different things and rolled up.  They didn't go over with any of them!

One thing they really seemed to enjoy was stuffing won ton wrappers with diffrent things and frying them. 

This was a night we threw caution to the wind and tried new and different things.  We didn't worry too much about nutrition or healthy eating.  I did try during the week to cook as healthy as possible.

One of our favorites . . .

Home made chili.  Which I  now serve in these bowls.  (This imagine was found on Ebay.)    When my kids were growing up I only had one of these bowls.   The one bowl was my fathers chili bowl when I was growing up.  He ate canned Wolf Brand Chili in it.  It brings back sweet memories for me.  I began collecting the bowls.  I only have 4 but they are special to me. 

On cold wintery evenings I would take a break from the Smorgasbord and make a pot of chili.  Usually those were the afternoons I was involved in working on a quilting project and didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen.  Throwing together a pot of chili is simple.  Brown some meat, add some spices and set it on the stove to simmer. 

We're Texas and our chili doesn't have beens.  It is thick and gravy like.  Personally I don't like tomatoes in my chili but I like the flavor and so I have adapted recipes till I had my own version. 

Here are my secret and tips . . . I use either 1 small can V8 or a Knorr tomato boillion cube in my chili.  Gives the perfect flavor without hunks of tomato.  And now the Big Secret and My Christmas gift to you.  I add a hershey kiss to the pot.  Yep.  It add's something I am not sure but it just flavors the chili just right.    

If your interested in a Texas version of Chili try my secrets! 

Tip 2

Traditions . . . I love traditions.  When I think of traditions I have mixed feelings.  My mother is a very traditional person.  Her world revolves around tradition.  But not in a good way.  I work at making tradition fun . . .

We began a new tradition a couple of years ago.  Our kids are grown and have families of their own.  This new tradition is one I share with my daughter.  We get together and decide on the family gatherings and plan the menus.   Alot of the recipes I used on our Sunday Smorgasbord nights came from the Goose Berry Patch books.  I love them.

The above photo is from one of our planning lunches.  Click here to read the post. 

I love our new tradition of the Christmas brunch we get up early and go to the rehab facility where we minister for do nuts and Christmas carols.  And then we make our way over to our daughters.  It is fun being with our grandson and watching him open gifts.  I take a million pictures! 

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day cooking.   I'll bake a ham.  Stir up some brunch potatoes.  I found a new recipe for muffin tin omelets.  And a new recipe for Sausage/Ham puffs makes 24!  I might get tired fillin' those tiny tins! 

I am lookin' forward to continuing our New Tradition.  And, when I stumble onto an old favorite recipe I smile as old memories are brought to mind.  

Traditions old and new.  So,  do you have traditions that bring a smile to your face? 

Thank you for joining me on the Journey today . . .

Merry Christmas

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