Friday, December 21, 2012

Counting Down with 5 Tips

Are you in Count down mode to Christmas Day. 

To celebrate and Count down beginnging today I'll be posting ideas,tips and suggestions...So here's 5

Idea #1

I love Advent Calendars. I have never seen one like the photo.  Have you? 
I have always wanted to make one for my children.  But, that was one project I never got around to doing.  I have a goal for the New Year.  Make an Advent activity for the grand kids.  There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest and on all the blogs.   Which makes even a bigger  challenge.  Choosing one!  

Are your kids in Count down mode? 
Idea #2

My family loved(s) the tradition of putting out cookies for Santa.
My daughter last year even put pretend snow around the mantle and a trail leading out the front door!  It was an adorable idea. 

How did you get into blogging?  OK weird ? to ask when I am supposed to be giving you tips. 

Hang with me. . .

Idea #3


Need some ideas for decorating?  Check out all the amazing home tours.  It was this one at Boomama's that got me started blogging. 
Way back in '08 I had no idea that there was something as marvelous as a blog.  A day or so after Christmas I stumbled onto this Tour of Homes.  And I was hooked!      Check out the Home Tours you'll get ideas and meet fun new friends. 

Idea #4 here for tips about being safe with all those plugs. 

Seasonal Safety. . .Seasons change and so do safety hazards. Help protect your family by staying one step ahead. Take time to review your Home Safety Plan and involve your kids in learning all year round. 

And one more suggestion about lights.   This one is a 'Frebbie' . . .

These are amazing!  I got one at a resale store.  Brand new in package.  They work great!  And they are not just for Christmas.  I have one by the bed for the lamp on Cowboy's night stand.  

The one in the photo is available here.

And the last tip of the day . . .
Drum Roll please...

Tip #5 . . .
The perfect gift for the 4 1/2 year old that will get tons of toys . . .

Did I get your attention?  Yep that is what we are giving the grandson. We are giving our grandson a wallet.   Well his won't be filled with's the tip part.
Do your grand children or kids for that matter already have tons of toys? 

What we are giving is a year of fun or a few months depending on how quickly he talks mama into having fun.   

We are including gift cards for Main Event (bowling,games etc.),  A climbing wall,  Terry's Game room (video games),  Putt Putt, a Water Park.  And we're including small gift cards for Chick Fila,
Steak and Shake (for shakes...yummy! I want to go!) and Sonic for drinks.    

And the best part . . .

And photo of Mommy. . . (this pic taken last year at Christmas with the mound of toys!  See what I mean! 

I'll be back tomorrow with 4 tips and Daisy's Christmas Dog award! 

And before I go . . .

Merry Christmas!

Just sayin'

Merry Christmas