Sunday, December 16, 2012

Savoring Sunday


It just came to my mind.  I have wanted to share with you or at least leave something encouraging, meaningful or uplifiting on Sundays

cup of kindness

I have sadly failed.  I am sorry. 

Sundays usually end up including a nap. I thought I was getting old.
 One side of nature

But someone said something to me the other night. 

I was speaking with a couple of ladies from our prior church.  We were all being 'nicey' you know how you are when you see people you don't really know and your trying to 'make' small talk? 

A comment was made by one of the ladies about feeling bad about taking a Sunday afternoon nap. 

I agreed although I really didn't say much.  I just kind of listened to the conversation.  Kind of agreeing in my head but not willing to open myself up to criticsm or critical thoughts.  ( I am a good 20 years younger than these ladies)  But I was thinking to myself about how often I usually feel like I need that Sunday nap. 

It doesn't always happen and when it doesn't it's not like I can't function or anything.  Some days we might stop in and visit my mother.  And on those days we usually always end up taking her on a shopping errand.  And then I spend some time playing around in her sewing room with her.  So I miss a nap. 

It was the comment that one of the ladies  got to me.  What  I really want to share with you is this. 
Well... she said.  It is a day of rest.

And, it hit me.  It was a well duh moment

 In the beginning . . .
updated Bokeh

By the seventh day God had finished the work he was doing ; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.  And God blessed the seventh day and made it Holy, because on it he rested from the all the work of the creating he had done.  Genesis 2:2

Country Sunrise

And as the sun set he paused.  He reflected.  He rested. 

And he gave us a day of rest.   We just forgot.

May your Journey filled with Rest . . .
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P.S. I hope you enjoy the new festive look. 
Merry Christmas!

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Joan Davis (Jo) said...

I love a nap...sometimes it is just that 15 minute cat-nap that truly refreshes. Or, as my Mom used to say, "40 winks"! Sunday is a perfect day to rest. All week we strive and work...this must be why God modeled resting for us. Without His example, we would probably just exhaust ourselves! Thanks for sharing!

Resting in Him, Joan