Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do you have enough . . .

Chirstmas Lights?   I thought I did but;  Daisy didn't think so. 

She invited a few friends over to help with the decorations. 

She wanted everything here to be all nice and festive because she wanted to invite you to enter your dog in here Bloggy awards. 

But first . . .
A few more lights need to be hung . . .

dogs christmas lights
It's a little hard sometimes to get good workers.  Some spend a lot of time on break . . .

dog christmas lights

Some are very patient waiting their turn to ad a bauble or two . . .

dog christmas lights
Some are a little tired from the night before . . .
dogs christmas lights

I think there is something on my nose . . .

dogs christmas lights
Nope it's on mine . . .
dogs christmas lights
Is it time for lunch?
dogs christmas lights
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Well the house is finally over the top with the lights and so it's time to invite you all to  Daisy's weekly post.  

Each Saturday she awards a doggie friend.   Wanna see some past winners?  Click here to see Cocoa,Click here to see Maggie, and here to meet Izzy.  

We need your help though.  We need you to write a post featuring you dog.   

Leave a comment and let us know and we'll feature your pet in an upcoming post! 

Please leave a comment and invite us to meet your Dog.  Daisy is really the party girl and loves meeting new friends. 

Will you Please ask her to come over and play?  All these friends coming to a one bedroom apartment well you can imagine!

A word from the human...don't tell her but I am adding her own page.  Beginning in January all the award winners will be featured on a seperate page.   Come by and visit us! 

Merry Christmas.  May your day be filled with Smiles . . .


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