Monday, May 23, 2016

My Blue Balcony Garden/Dreams

Many of you've seen a few of my balcony garden posts.  The patio is in transition.  Sharing probably one of my saddest looking shots . . .                               T:  
I'm doing some changes.  I wanted my entire patio color theme to revolve around this Blue and my thrifty dumpster dive chair. 

 I love it. I know it's sad looking.  Someday I'll recover it with the same bright Blue.  I also need to paint it.  

This chair has some history.  We I did find it in a dumpster. Actually beside the dumpster . . . 

The Cowboy did drag it home complaining the entire way.  Put it on our patio.  Still complaining how dirty and ugly it was.  The next morning we found this in the chair . . . 

It became Rascal's chair.  The Cowboy didn't want to bring it when we moved but I had to remind him that Rascal needed it to sleep in on the patio!  The chair came.

I love that shade of Blue but my color theme wasn't coming together because I needed something to put pots on or in. 
 In or actually out to the came the vintage red wagon.  Also another 'freebie' The Cowboy found it in a trash pile.  Originally it held the succulent garden that we bought with a Christmas gift card from The Home Depot.  Most are dead now.  So the wagon recently held some of the zinnia's, tomato seedlings and carrots.  But I just wasn't happy with the red wagon.  I love vintage and all but it just wasn't speaking to me.  
Last week I added a few Blue pots from Dollar General to go with the terra cotta pots.  

And then I found a few  'newish' ideas on Pinterest . . . 
I probably won't do this since I have no place for stepping stones. 
But I love this Blue version.  Would be perfect for my theme.  

But this I want to do!
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So here's my idea.  Take a few of the terra cotta pots I have and cover with beautiful Blue jewels/stones.  I have a few from Dollar Tree.  Tomorrow I'll see what I can find at Hobby Lobby.  
 Teacups and Coffee Mugs Upcycled Into Mosaic Board:
This idea was also found in the same article.  Love this.  I doubt I would tackle it but who know's. 

 I've found a complete service of 12 set of dishes by the dumpster.  Maybe I'll start looking for cool mugs!    

                                  Stay  Tuned
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