Monday, May 30, 2016

Tweekin' With A Little Red, White and Blue

                     Happy Memorial Day
Over the weekend I played around and added some Red, White and Blue to the cottage . . . 
I set the table and decorated the mantle.  This is stage one I'm sure I'll tweek it a few more times before July.  I did move the wagon in from the patio.  You can barely see the handle and a few books. 
I'll share more on another post.  
I guess the room wasn't really photo ready because I didn't tidy the wingback chair.  My slinky throw and my sparkly throw which I love are kinda jumbled up.  On the edge is the quilt for outside I'm working on.  
Let's see the rest of the 'real' tweekin' . . . 
Here's a little close up of the mantle.  The little bunting I made last year from UFO quilt blocks.  Hung it on twine and added some ribbons to the ends.  
The scarf in the middle is really a chiffon (type) scarf from Dollar Tree.  I think I'll go back and get a couple more. It was perfect for this display.  
A close up of the table settings.  The new glass has stars on it!  So excited I was to find a set for $7.00.  You can't buy plastic for that!  A couple were broken.  But I didn't need a complete set anyway.
I'll tell you more about the rest of the table setting in another post.

I have more new things to share . . . 
I was inspired at Christmas to do a Hot Chocolate station. I've carried the theme over and now set up a beverage station. 
See my new glasses.  I added the flags from Big Lots.  The star in the middle was from Dollar Tree.  There are more on the mantle.
I chose some red drinks.  A Mexican Strawberry soda tested by our grandson and given a thumbs up.  I'll have to go buy more.  And I tested the faux Strawberry Daiquiri it s fizzy and yummy. 
A little closer shot with my festive paper lanterns.  They are 3 years old from Dollar Tree.  They live in my laundry room during the year and come out for Red, White and Blue themes.
A little close up of the mantle area.  The red vase is years and years old.  Bought waaaaay back in the day at Big Lots.  I have to strategically set it on display.  The back side which is really the front side has a pretty Christmas Tree on it.  For years I packed it away after Christmas.  And then a few years ago when I began the Valentine's Dinner Dates I had an inspiration.  It stays out year round now using for all my red themed decorating! 

And I have one more last sneak peek . . . 
 Patriotic Quilt:
My WIP Patriotic Quilt.  I really don't plan to reveal it till the 4th
but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.  I still have some hand work to do this week.  The angel needs some hair. He. He. And I need to lay it out baste and quilt it.  I'm planning on simple straight or wavy lines. Super fast!  

I did take a few other shots and a couple of the counter that divides the kitchen from living area . . .         
So that's a little peek.  But before you go check out the giveaway starting on the 1st to celebrate my new Book Blog.  Go over and follow and come back and enter!
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