Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't do this at the ATM

I had to write this post to warn you about what we did at an ATM that turned out really bad
for us.

Our checking acount was really, really close. Since Cowboy was out of a job he has been selling Plasma. Everytime you sell it they pay you with a gift card. Well since were really close on
the checking account he cashed the gift card and put cash in the atm for a deposit. Our bank
did not credit that deposit for 4 days. So we had an overdraft. And, they charged 34.00 for the overcharge.

Yikes. Dawn. Really dirty words here! I have never heard of anything so rediculous.

Now to top it off he won't get paid till Friday. He went today to sell Plasma again. They changed the amuont from $50.00 to $20.00.

We just cannot seem to get out from under the negative cash flow. So dear sisters I ask you to once again to pray for us. We should be getting a check in a couple of days. We need it tomorrow to buy gas for him to get to work!

Please pray for us and don't make the same mistake at the ATM we did.
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