Friday, August 6, 2010

Itch scratchin' Part 2

And so well I scratched that itch and made a little change to my blog. It's not the pretty change with cute little dividers between the posts. And a cute new header to go with the background like I planned.

Nope this little change is a little more meant to get your attention. And I suspect I have it because I can just hear you thinking things like . . .
what happened to her that isn't shabby chic at all isn't that what she was planning?
she usually has really pretty bright and cheerful backgrounds
I know your thinking this . . .
that background is just almost ugly

And your right sadly it is but I wanted to get your attention because next week will be a special week around here. I will be unveiling my new blog. And to go along with the unveiling I'll be having a give way. Well actually a couple of give ways.

So you really need to come back by next week and visit and then follow the links you'll find for the prizes.

Pass the word along everyone is invited. And, I promise not to leave this background up for long!

Ok so now your thinking your not gonna have time to come back next week well o.k. then here's your chance and it'll be a really big chance . Here's all you need to do.
Guess the theme of my new blog and leave me a comment with your guess and it would be kinda nice if you decided to follow! I'll draw from all the comments this weekend and the winner will win a prize package especially created by yours truly.
So leave your comment!
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