Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday-DeCluttering update

Amy Dean over at The 160 Acre is my wonderful guest every Wednesday. Above is her wonderful illustration and reminder of God's word.
Here are her thoughts . . .
"I’ve currently been reading/working on a study over at Women of the Word. Carmen’s current study is The way of Cain

The study goes through some of the sins that we fall into and this verse captured me last week.. how if I’m not careful sin will try and overpower me. I know we need to press on and choose the right path; and remember that even when we think we are, we mustn’t let down our guard because sin is crouching at our door trying to get us to let it in.

God Bless!"

You can go over and visit Amy and see all the others that join her for Word Filled
Wednesday. And you can add this cute little button to your blog to let others now about this wonderful meme.

I am still continuting my de-cluttering today. I'll be updating this post later this afternoon after I finish the food pantry ministry.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Wednesday.

My de-cluttering progresses I am working on de-cluttering my blog.
My list to do:
Move the music (I like the music at the top so if you don't want to hear it then you can turn it off. I think there is nothing more annoying than real loud music. I don't know how to change the vol. it's sort of like when you watching tv which I don't do often but when it's on and a commercial comes on and blasts you!)

Update Homes I visit
Labels change

And maybe a couple of other things that are a surprise. Come by please and visit and did you notice my blinky at the top? Please leave a comment.
I tried something new that I just learned. Do you know what it is? I am adding the dummies at blogging label.

And if your wondering how this particular de-clutter task falls under the category of de-cluttering the house well here's my reasoning. My brain is cluttered sometimes when I am writing and trying to navigate my blog and it slows me down and so I figure if it slows me down it does my readers so I am helping everyone spend less time on the blogs and more on making the Home a Sanctuary.

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