Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tackling Tuesday by De-cluttering

Welcome to my Tuesday I am tackling a couple of things with 5 minutes for mom. Thier button is on my sidebar. But I am also de-cluttering with Deb and Marcia. All these ladies are true inspiration to help me get my house in order.

This is the first job I am tackling. I have been inspired by all the ladies baking bread. It is always so yummy but it is also frugal. And I need frugal. So I'll be having a loaf ready for dinner tonight.

I am tackling and decluttering my blog today so check back tomorrow and see all the new things and the makeover! But I am also tackling the boxes that are still left to un pack. I have 3 boxes still left in the living room that I haven't had the energy to tackle and there is a mountain in my sewing room still!
And I am tackling going back over to Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook and reading all the entries posted yesterday. Lot's of these ladies post really sweet entries and no one comments and I know I love comments so I am going over to say "Hi".
Oh and one more thing. I am working at making my Home a Sanctuary. I joined Rachel Ann and became a Company Girl (see the button) and today she suggested finishing something you seem to never finish. Like the last of the pots and pans in the sink, or taking out the trash after it is collected. Well I took trash out to the curb last night. Then left a sack in the kitchen but this morning. I tackled it and took it out and got my house a little closer to a real Sanctuary!

Enjoy your Tuesday and let me know if your tackling anything.

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