Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daisy Doggie Bloggy Friends meet Happy

The Welcome mat is out and Daisy says to come on in. . .
Welcome to our Daisy's new Sunday post. She moved over from Saturday because we decided since Sunday is family day that she would write about being a family pet.
And write about her friends that are family pets.
Because all our animals have very special places in our hearts we wanted to share with everyone how special an animal can be. Daisy has had many job descriptions since she has been with us. And one of them is "Missionary Dog". She has gone with us to the mission and licked(kissed), and loved on the kids. And now she goes with us to the food pantry to pick up the food. She loves it. She patiently sits in the truck at the dock and watches all the people come and go and watches the staff load the food.
She is a faithful companion to me. I wrote about how she came to be with us on my Sunday post last week. Please go and read it. (Sorry I don't know how to link to it yet) But I have figured out Bold Italics isn't that cool. Oh I am sorry. Daisy is nudging my arm trying to let me know this post was supposed to be about her new friend Happy. Here is a pretty picture of Happy.

Do you see why we said "pretty"? Look at that beautiful hair. I bet her mom brushes her everyday. Oh btw she did get a hair cut recently and she is just so cute. She is so much fun to play with we can tell by reading her moms blog.
And the coolest thing is she told us about the neatest blog. It is called
Dogs on Thursday. or DOT it is so cool. It is when everyone writes about their dogs. Come back on Thursday because my mom promises to write something special about me. There is a cute button on the sidebar and mom already wrote on it
Daisy's Meme Isn't that cool I have a special meme of my own.
Mom says we have to go now. Oh and another job title I have is Ranch Dog Because I go out everyday and take care of the horses. I am really busy so I have to go for now.
Please go over and visit Happy and her mom at thier blog.

Have a Happy Day.
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