Monday, August 25, 2008

The Simple Womans Daybook-August Declutter project

updated 6:48 p.m. Adding my de-clutter project of the day. Update #2 Tuesday afternoon I added the photo's for my de-clutter project.

For Today...My declutter project follows

Outside my Window...are tiny,sprigs of grass coming up in the pasture(from the rain last week) and no leaves on the porch I swept last night. And fresh cut grass in the yard it is still green.

I am thinking...of all the things on my list to do this. All the de-clutter projects,the ministry projects and paperwork and babysitting.

From the learning rooms...Notice the bold on each entry. I am learning more about how to make my blog pretty. I am praying for all the home schoolers including my son and daughter in love and my grandson starting the second grade. I am working on making lap books for him. Any pointers?

I am thankful for...That God reminds me he is there and that he allows me to work in Hisministry.

From the kitchen...more bread baking today. Cleaning and plans for
"Family Smorgasbord Sunday" This is something we did with our
kids on Sunday night after church. I/we would make fun appitizer type food and sit
in the living room and eat. The kids loved it. I tried new recipes. Now our daughter and son in love have asked to start the tradition again. I'll be getting ideas this week for what we will eat. Since they aren't kids anymore it'll be fun doing grown up type things.

I am wearing...Oh I love this part today!I am wearing dark green corduroy shorts from Old's the best part. I didn't wear them last year! They fit again. I just love them! And I am wearing a red t-shirt from Lands End. It has a star on the front and says 'We the people'. I probably won't wear it all day because it is kind of a heavy knit.

I am reading...grant guidelines from foundations and other funders
for our ministry and I am going to start reading the book of Titus.

I am see God's provision. And that I won't succomb to the sin of worry.

I am creating...greating cards for my churches card ministry. And I am writing a card a week to someone in our Sunday School class. (personal goal)

I am hearing...the barn cat tap the window to go outside this morning. He is mad. We found evidence of coyotes so he has to stay in at night.

Around the house...More de-cluttering. Will it ever end? And more organizing my house. Will it ever end? Although my house is pretty big there isn't as much closet space as I have had before. And only one living area. And there is no garage and no barn so I am struggling to find places to store some of that type stuff. And down size many items.

One of my favorite things...Being busy. I am always doing something.
Even when I am watching t.v. I am usually handsewing or something else creative.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Prayer. There are some ministry projects that I am working on and need to be bathed in prayer. And I am praying about where God wants me to go with my blogging as a tool for ministry.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

My grandson showing off the snake skin he found. I had a report over the weekend that he caught 35 grasshoppers for his dad to go fishing with. The fishing netted 4 fish. My daughter in love says that was better than the last 7 hour trip that harvested zero fish! While my son was fishing grandson found another huge grasshopper. He saved it to disect for science.
I pray for everyone to have a happy Home School year and enjoy the science classes!'s my de-clutter project.

I have been spending the day going through my husbands files for his ministry program. He is the worst about keeping track of receipts etc. We are needing some banking info. and other info. for a grant we're writing so I had to give up the grant project and organize his files. I have a photo to add but blogger isn't cooperating. But just imagine what it must be like. I have spent most of the day.
Between reading other daybook entries and laundry. I must take a break from the dreaded task once in a while.
And I am so glad I did because I found the neatest comment on this post! I won part of the August De-Clutter challenge! I'll write more tomorrow about that. But
go over to my sidebar and find the button to find out about the de-cluttering challenge.
I am sorry I haven't figured out yet how to link in a post!

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