Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday/DeClutter project

Welcome to my Thankful Thursday post. Thankful Thursday is hosted by the amazing Iris over at Sting My Heart. Please go over and see her post and all the other wonderful ladies that are sharing the things that are on their hearts today things they are thankful about. (clutter project is below)

Here's my thankful list:

God's love yes I see God's love for me everyday and I am thankful that he provides.

Affirmation God is affirming me concerning his purpose for my life. Thank you God for answering my prayers and leading me the way you want me to go.

TimeI am thankful that God gives me the time to be able to help my daughter and son in love by keeping my grandbaby.

Rain we have had an amazing amount of rain. Thank you God for this provision. I love my yard and it is so happy too for the rain. And I know the farmers definately needed it too. We need hay.
I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a farmer and depend on crops for my living. I am thankful for farmers.

Tutorials Have you noticed how cool my post is this morning.
I am thankful for those nice people out there in blog land that teach the rest of us dummies how to do neat things like writing in BOLD Isn't that neat.

My de-clutter project yesterday was my blog. I got a lot done but it isn't finished. I re-arranged somethings. I have some more plans for it I'll be working on tonight.
I added a couple of blogs to my list check it out to see if your there. I will be adding some more too. I have lots of favorites that I visit. I love you girls.
If you've met me because I leave comments a lot you'll be there. And I am listing Daisy's friends too.

BTW please leave a comment and let me know how you like it. I am trying to make it
easier to navigate and pretty too. Let me know if you like the music. I wrote
about it yesterday and why I moved it. Let me know what you think please.

I hope everyone has a Blessed day. Whether your thankful for rain,sun,cool breezes or the last warm and sunny day for awhile enjoy your day!

BTW I have learned how to add a pretty signature but don't remember now how to do it. This post will be listed in my Dummies at Blogging
Isn't this cool!

Oh I am working on a clutter project...or will be tonight when I get home from keeping the baby.
Here's my project.
To gather all the gardening stuff, pots,racks,fertilizer and the chairs that are scattered in a couple of different areas of the yard. I plan to get the boxes off the deck. Yes there are some still there and they are wet now. But hopefully Cowboy will feel like getting rid of them today and that part will be done when I get home. I will put all the chairs together on the deck and hopefully hang the window boxes I have been wanting to hang. Now flowers yet but maybe I'll stick some silks in. My yard will be clutter free by tomorrow!

Please don't forget to visit me tomorrow for Show and Tell. I know you'll enjoy it.

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