Saturday, May 1, 2021

Pink In The Studio

 Come into the studio today . . .

Sharing a few Junk Journal Pages I've made for SWAPs.   And a few I have received.  

This year my fb group is doing a different color each month.  
For March it was Green. 
My goal is for every part of the page to be the prompted color. 
For February the prompt was Pink.  I loved the little hexagon cut papers.  I glued them to look like the Mother's Flower Garden quilt pattern. 
I always try to include a dooley.  This one is dyed wit an Avacado.  Did you know the rind of an Avacado will be Pink when you boil in water? 
I also include a shaker with glitter, sequins, and jewels. 
Lots of papers and journaling cards that I make. 
Little snippets from fabrice, textiles and paper that I make. 
This Journal page was so easy.  I had a lot of a
pink.   I sewed around the he edge and left the thread hanging for texture and interest. 
I punched out Butterflies and Flowers and left them loose so when my partner opens it they fall out.  Oh I hope she likes it! 
More Green.  My favorite part is making the pieces on my machine.  I hardly throw anything away.  Every little snippet no matter how small can be used! 
I enjoyed making this one and using the but of map.  I had received it from Europe when I did Paper Swap.  Postage is so expensive now I am not able to mail out of the U.S. 
While I had Pink thread in the machine I made a few pieces to send to my friend that makes Prayer Pockets.  I live her ministry to nursing homes and Hospice patients. 
Sorry my photos are out of order.  This is the front of the Green page with lots of goodies tucked inside.  I love the playing card with a Green Background! 

I included a Magnetic Book Mark.  Green if course!
Journaling  cards, pretty snippets all layered up in a tuck spot. 
I always make a mini notepad to include. 
Lots of fun journaling cards and spaces. 
Did I already show you this one?  
I usually always include a couple of Paint chips.  
More fun fabric snippets and mini file folders. 

Making Junk Journals is a fun and inexpensive hobby.  

Junk Journals are literally made from junk.  

But most J.J. artists make them pretty! 

I hope you enjoyed this visit to the studio.   

I'll be packing up soon.  But hopefully I will get a chance to show you the May J.J. page.  The prompt is Yellow!  

I hope your day ideas Blessed!  

And thanks for coming by! 

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Molly the Airedale said...

You do such beautiful and creative work.