Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Good Morning


I hope your having  a lovely  day.  

I posted this picture this morning  because it reminded me of the flowers I see when I walk the dogs.  

A couple of months ago I saw this on FB . . .  
The post I saw was about a Kindergarten  class that planted seeds in the cracks  in the sidewalks around their school. 
I loved the idea.  What a unique way to provide a lesson  for little ones. 
And give them a chance to see seeds sprouting. 

When I arrived to my new neighborhood in Galveston  I found that the same thing  was done here.  

The dogs and I have walked our block and found several  areas with flowers growing. 

I hope to get out later today or tomorrow  to take pictures to post on Friday for a blog party.  

I haven't  gotten  to do this yet. 
But soon I hope. 

Our  car decided  to have a problem  on Sunday  when we got home from the grocery  store. 
The key wouldn't  turn off.  So it is in the shop. 

We are waiting  for it to get fixed.  I found a place that gives rides so this morning  I went out for fresh fruit  and a few things. 

Tomorrow  we will get a ride to the Cowboys  first Dr. Visit.  

We are enjoying  island life. 
This new journey  has been amazing.  

I hope you enjoy visiting!
Enjoy  your day!

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Molly the Airedale said...

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!