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Death By Do Nut-A Chat w/ AUTHOR Rebecca M Douglas-GreatEscapes Tours

A chat with author Rebecca M Douglas

May 24 – My Journey Back the Journey Back – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

Hello. thank you for visiting the blog today. I am happy to meet you through the Great Escapes Tour!

Before we get into books and Do Nuts let's chat a bit.

1. I suspect you have a Sweet Spot for Do Nuts. Do you have any other treats that keep you focused when writing?

Honestly, I don’t really like donuts. After writing this book, it might be a case of I really don’t like donuts, given the trouble they cause! Mostly I fuel my writing with coffee and tea; I’m rather more padded than I’d like at this point and am trying to avoid treats. Though one of my friends has threatened to provide me with the recipe for the espresso brownies JJ is always after, which could be disastrous for my waistline! When I have the recipe, I’ll be sharing it with my newsletter followers.

2. Do you have a furry companion or office assistant? 

My only furry assistants are toys. I have a beautiful plush skunk who sits by my computer when I’m at home, and rides on the dash when I’m traveling. I call him Stinky, and he’s the mascot for my other world, the Ninja Librarian’s world of Skunk Corners.

3. If you could take your character anywhere in the world where would you go? 

I really want to take JJ hiking. I’ve tried, in a couple of stories, but it hasn’t worked out. She’s no sissy, but she doesn’t know now to carry a backpack. I think she’d like the mountains once she got used to it.

Seriously, I want to take JJ to the library—any and all libraries! Because many of my mom’s friends like the books, and are often a bit vision-challenged, I’ve made the books in large type, in hopes that JJ really can go everywhere.

4. If you could spend an afternoon hanging out with one of your Characters where would you go? Who would you take? What would you do? 

We’d be at the Have-A-Bite Bakery, of course! I’d take JJ and Kitty, and even though I really like Ron, he’s not invited because I know I’ll get much better gossip from the girls without him. They could fill me in on all the nitty-gritty about the town and the school, and I’m sure I could give them a great book in exchange.

5. I love covers. I am a bit of a junkie. Can you tell us if there are any clues in the cover? 

No secret clues. My covers are meant to be an artist’s impression of the murder scene. My cover artist, Danielle English, is fantastic at turning my vague ideas into beautiful covers!

6. I am so glad you are touring with Great Escapes. What is your favorite part of the tour? 

I love doing the interviews, and I really like seeing how people react to the stories.

7. You have just written 'The End" what do you do to celebrate? 

I celebrated a bit ahead—I spent April rafting the Grand Canyon! I had the book pretty much ready to go, so it wasn’t too premature but I did come home to the proof-reader’s corrections and then had to assemble the final manuscripts in all formats.

8. Can you gives us a sneak peek at your next project? 

The next project is a fourth flash fiction collection, a set of mystery short stories. But that’s cheating—there isn’t much to be done, and it’s a project that’s been underway for a while. For a real “next project” I’m working up a new series. I’m not quite ready to share details, other than that the sleuth is going to be a little less conventional than JJ, and a very different personality from her. I’m trying not to hurry matters, so I don’t have plot or setting wholly nailed down, though it will be a village cozy of some form.

Thanks so much for chatting. Best wishes on the tour!

Thank you for hosting me!

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