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Interview with the author ...

Hello and Welcome to the blog today.  I am so happy to chat a bit about books and writing!  

Let's get to it!

1. Do you have any little snacks or treats that keep you focused when writing?

Usually, when I write I'm so in the zone, that I don't get hungry or thirsty. However, as a mom of two little ones it can be difficult to find time to write,unless I specifically carve out time--which I do. It just so happens this time is when both boys are napping at noon, which is universal for lunchtime:) Thus, before writing, I toast up some wheat bread and make a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich,with a tall glass of milk.

2. I noticed in your bio you have a couple dogs and a cat. Are they

Your writing assistants? Can you tell us about them? Maybe share a picture?

Hahaha, they are most definitely not my writing assistants. Our cat Donnie is 12, and pretty much sleeps all day and plays all night (so we're on opposite schedules). Our dogs, Dexter and Msui (7 and 4), are best friends, but if it was up to them we'd be running around outside all day. Because of that, they tend to distract me and quite literally give me their "puppy dog eyes" the minute I find any free time to write. All three of them are rescues and we couldn;t imagine life without them!


3. Middle school teacher huh? I used to work with at risk youth and my program got lots of 7th grade girls that like to fight. But they were the sweetest girls and the most open and cooperative outside the school campus. Of all the grades you taught which was your favorite?

That's crazy, cuz my favorite grade to teach was seventh grade. Yes, they could be the most dramatic at times, but I found their sense of humor and desire to prove they could work independently made that year my favorite for sure.

4. If you could spend an afternoon hanging out with one of your (current)Characters where would you go? Who would you take? What would you do?

I'd probably hang with Pilot--he's just the goofiest, ye the most sincere. You'll find he wears his emotions on his sleeve and would have a hard time deceiving anyone. I feel that because he's so techy though, we wouldn't enjoy the same places, but maybe some kind of amusement park, with virtual reality somewhere. That way he'd get to be outside enjoying the rides, and then hang inside and critique, then alter the virtual reality games somehow (for the better).

5. I love covers. I am a bit of a junkie. Does the cover of the new book give the readers any hints about the plot?

Me too! I love a good cover, and Yes! I'm lucky enough to have a family friend of mine (who is a children's book illustrator and artist) draw the cover art for each book. Furthermore, the title and design of the book often have double meaning or hidden Easter eggs somewhere on them. I'll let her in on somewhat of what I'm looking for and she always does an amazing job. Some readers don't even see the clues and hints until I point them out--after making sure they finished the book.

6. Can you share with us your favorite scene in the book?

This is hard...but I'm an ending person. Basically, I love a good twist ending, and each of my stories end in this manner. Therefore, I'd say the scene where the gang discovers who is behind the kidnapping was my favorite to write--and read!

7. Do you write in other genres. Can you tell us a little about other series or books we can check out?

I have a notebook filled with story outlines and have even finished the second round of edits for my adult crime novel. However, with my ten week old baby I've had to slow down my timeline on the adult novel's release...the lack of sleep was a lot the first few weeks. But now my little man sleeps through the night and I'm getting back to normal.

8.You have just written 'The End" what do you do to celebrate?

Honestly, not much. It is a sense of relief though, that I successfully managed to write down what was stuck in my head. 

9. Can you give us a sneak peek at your next project?

Well, as I mentioned above I do have an adult crime novel in the works, but I don't know if I can send out a snippet for the next installment of Asbury High, I will say that Asbury High and the Arsenic Avenger is out in August and deals with explosions of arsons that seem to be taking place in Asbury.

10. For readers book tours are a great way to meet new Authors and learn about new books. What is your favorite part of book tours?

My favorite part is connecting with readers. I've had quite a few people get copies of my books and reach out to me afterwards explaining how they discovered me through a book tour. Thus, I am forever indebted to you and all the other bloggers for helping me spread the word. Thank you!!

Thanks so much for visiting today. I am looking forward to reading your book!  

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