Monday, May 24, 2021

Menu Monday-On The Island

 Good Morning I am so excited  to Welcome you back! 

I am thinking about making a new header for the blog.  

What do you think?

 Today is the beginning  of our first full week on the island. 

We went grocery shopping on Saturday. 

This was one of our stops... 

The Cowboy  was super excited to buy seafood at the pier straight off  the boat.  

We also shopped at Kroger  which is only a few blocks from our  Bungalow so it is convenient.   But we learned Friday afternoon  isn't  the best time because  it is on Seawall Drive right on the major tourist drive with all the hotels. 

We will shop during the week! 

So we have fresh fish and Srimp and Chicken Thighs from Kroger.

And here's  the Menu

Chicken Thighs and Shrimp
I will cook with Sweet  Ginger  Teriyaki  Glaze.
Serving with Fried Rice and a fresh Veg that we will pick up tomorrow.   The Cowboy  has a doctor  appointment  near a local grocer we will check out.  

Pan Seared Snapper
Baked Potatoes  

Sausage  Potato Gnocchi Soup 

Kielbasa on a bunch
Bean Soup (with Spinach) 

Keep It Simple on Mom
C.O.R.N.   Clean Out Refrigerator 

On the weekend we will probably wing. 

Speaking of Wings.  We had the best Pizza and Wings we have had ina long time Friday night. 
(the day we arrived)

Darn I was so tired. But it was delivered from here ....

Oh gosh it really  was so good. And they have a special  on Mondays.  So when we get paid on a Monday Pizza will be on the menu.  

Yaga’s Cafe and Bar, located at 2314 Strand, wrote the book on mo’ bettah food and vibes on Galveston Island. From burgers to hot-from-the-oven pizzas to weekend live entertainment to the jammin’ outdoor patio, Yaga’s Cafe and Bar is the place to go!

Certificate of Excellence 2018
Here are some pics from their website.  I wanted  you all to see just how good it was even though I didn't  get pics. 

And they have way more than Pizza...

Pizza  delivery 5 stars.  Can't  wait to visit the Cafe.  Maybe lunch tomorrow  we will be near by at the Cowboys  first Dr. Visit. 

I hope you have a great week.  

And I hope you will enjoy the Island with us and our new Island Life Style. 



Molly the Airedale said...

You sound so happy and upbeat and Cowboy looks ecstatic! It sounds like you are very happy in your new town.

Granthamlynn said...

Yes we are still settling in. A should I say cramming it in! Huge downsize.
I will be joining you on Flower Friday. The yards are gorgeous!
We will see lots on our walkies!
Enjoy your week!