Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome to My Sewing Room/MySweet Saturday

The Day I have been waiting for.  Joining
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Guess where this door goes!  Yep you guessed it my Closet Sewing Space. 
Come on in and enjoy the little tour.  Little because it is a tiny space.  But it is filled with treasures.

My mini ironing board which I recovered all by myself!  It was a dumpster find!
                           I am thinking I should keep count on those trash to treasure items! 
The little childs iron really works it was my sisters.  Don't know how I ended up with it! 
I didn't photo the steam iron I really use.  But here is the elephant that holds the water for the iron.
He is one of about 200 from  my daughters collection.    There are a few more we'll see in a minute.

This is the area you see as you open the door and come in. The top shelves more dumpster finds that store my things.   When you come in on your right . . .

Don't they look tacky?  But they were free.  I have no idea why I pulled the drawer out and stuffed stuff in.  I need to clean that up!  They were dusty and dirty when I found them.  Must have been used in a garage.  I didn't have anything to remove the tacky sharpie.  I have a plan though

I am covering the fronts with white contact paper.   Much better don't you think?
These drawers just hold stuff.  Tape, glue just stuff I need.   Next to this section is. . .
This is another group of plastic drawers that hold fabric.  I am working on something for school so have some hanging out.  I always have a few 'irons in the fire'. 
This group of drawers was given to me by another crafter that was downsizing. 
Next to it is a black shelf unit that again came from the dumpster actually it never made it in the dumpster.  Most of my finds don't.  I walk the dog a lot and so I am able to grab things as soon as people put them out. 

Next we are moving around to the opposite wall and another drawer unit. . .
I think the drawers came from the same friend that was downsizing. They hold fabric also.  The baskets hold lace and netting.  On the right the shelf is metal.  It was one my father that held plants.  It is old and rickety and not expensive but it is still a treasure. 
This area is still pretty messy I haven't quite figured out how to deal with it.  But maybe soon something will shop up at the dumpster.  When you live in an apartment it is difficult because you can't really add shelving.  I make due.  This is a childs dressing table. I was able to put a couple of things on top.  Still working on this area. 
                                        My sewing space is always a work in progress. 
Next I'll show you the rest of the decorative 'focal point' of the area.
Just above the mini ironing board is the area I display some of my teacher gifts.  The plates weren't gifts but I have no place else to put them!

Next to this area is another of my collections . . .
I love rabbits!  These are just a few.  The shelf they are on a neighbor gave me when she was moving.
               The shelf is open on the back I covered foam core board with the pink  fabric.
A better view of the rabbits.  I love lamps.  The lighting isn't great in the closet so I have to add lamps. These are two of my favorites.  I didn't get a good shot of the shelf on the right.  The top holds part of my snowman collection.  You can barely see the lamp in the upper right.
This is the collection on the 2nd shelf below the snowmen.  Just a few elephants!

A few things hanging that I love.  A card Cowboy sent me when he was working out of town.
An old Christmas card I love.
I made a kind of mobile from these precious gift tags I received from a blogger friend.  I thought they were too pretty to use!  I just decorate my space with them. 

These are the things I see when I am sewing.   Along with the tacky cord hanging from the light My Cowboy hung for me.  I really need to at least cover it with muslin.  But I am always busy creating

Just above is something I am kind of proud of.  Just because I think it is genius!

A few log cabin blocks I've been working on.  They are hanging on twine attached to the bottom of the shelf.  Sort of like a clothes line. 

The last area of the sewing space is an area that holds non sewing things but important non the less...
I love this dumpster find.  I have no idea what it was meant to be. The shelves are close together. The top ones are narrow and each shelve is wider as they go toward the bottom.

I admired it sitting on a neighbors patio.  One day it was sitting beside the dumpster.  It originally had some kind of shalac kind of stuff on it that was yellowed and it was peeling.  Cowboy sanded it off for me.  It holds my paper perfectly.

And on top . . .
A caddy that I covered with duct tape!
The caddy was a freebie my mother got at her apartment.
She doesn't dumpster dive though it was in the community room 'free' area!
Before we leave a couple more pics...
As you can probably see the area is really narrow.  I had originally intended to decorate it in black and white.  But decided that would be too dark for this space. 
Eventually I'll paint all the wood white.  I love white.  As I said it is a work in progress.  I've begun a little of the changes to white . . .
 I have a collection of hat boxes I store fabric stripes and other sewing gadgets and tools.  I have been trying to figure out how to cover them.  Here's my first attempt . . .
 Here's how it look before . . .
I covered it with white contact paper.  Not a perfect job.  But at least it's white.  I think I am going to try gluing muslin next time.  
One more thing I want to show that I think is pretty clever.  
Here's the hanging space on the left. 
It's really hard to see.  These are quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  I hung them on the shelves instead of on the regular rod.  They are hanging parallel to the wall.   I can hang a lot more and they don't stick out into the room giving me more space. 
Here's one last shot of my sewing table and my current project.
A bug quilt ready to be quilted.  I can't wait to get started!
And before I leave I have to show you what is just outside the door! (I can't believe I forgot this pic. Another bloggers post reminded me!)
 My constant companion.  She is mad at the moment.  I moved her bed while I was taking these pics.
 This is front of the door leading from the bedroom to living room.  My sewing space is the master     closet.  Her bed is usually by that door.  So she can inch her way into the closet when I am not looking!  At least she thinks I'm not looking!
So that is my closet sewing, crafting Creating space!
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Rita Barakat said...

Oh how fun! I love those dumpster finds! Hubby has a really good eye to find things for me too!

Botanic Bleu said...

You have cleverly organized all the tiny sewing closet. My little closet is so disorganized that I wouldn't show it. LOL

It doesn't take much space for a creative person.


boulderdamcottage said...

Hi there, what a great use of your space, you have so much organized!! wow, so you twirl like me then :) I love it. Very clever and it works! love how you made the clothesline in there, I may have to do that, since I have no more room except up maybe lol but then again I am packed from the floor to the ceiling and back down! haha thanks for stoppin by and leaving such a lovely comment! Love your space! Keep going! I am! :) hugs kat =^.^=

Judys Lace Creations said...

Love your inspiring sewing space.Thanks for sharing.
New follower.I have a giveaway on my site.

Foxhollow Studio said...

Love your sewing room! and I also love rabbits. The pic of your dog was adorable of him pouting with you moving his bed. You are so very talented. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am now your new follower. I look forward to keeping up with you!

Oliva Ohlson said...

It's so clever how you have turned a little closet into your very own creative area! I love the idea of having a teapot to refill the iron as needed!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I love your bug quilt!!! Very creative of you to turn your closet into a sewing space!
I don't sew often, but have a little Featherweight sewing machine stashed away behind the curtain on my baker's rack. It sews the most perfect stitches!
Have a happy one,

Vicki Boster said...

Grantham-- you took a tiny little space and turned it I to a most perfect nook for your creating! I love (love!!) that you have incorporated some dumpster treasures into your storage area. How cool is that-- and SO thrifty.

I love your elephant collection-- love the one in the photo that holds the water! You are wonderfully creative in turning this space into a place for your projects:)


Art and Sand said...

I can definitely relate to the "irons in the fire" comment. I have several projects going on right now so my creative space is definitely photo worthy today.

I love your storage solutions, but the thing I love the most is the elephant to hold water for your iron. I have a plastic bottle and think I need to find something cute.

Make Something Today!

Unknown said...

What sweet little treasures you have in your creative space. Love the little iron. You seem to have organized it very well. Happy Creating! I am Janet from Graceful Rose.

Unknown said...

What sweet little treasures you have in your creative space. Love the little iron. You seem to have organized it very well. Happy Creating! I am Janet from Graceful Rose.

Cathy said...

Lovely space! Great use of found items. How fun to see your collections!

Carmen said...

Grantham, thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed the tour of your creative closet. I like the idea of being about to shut the door and not seeing everything... you've got some great ideas and what could be better than free? I save those peach crates (they stack) and put projects in them. Have a great weekend! :-)

This N That said...

You look very organized. Love the elephants. The quilt blocks are pretty too. Hope you had a good weekend.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

You get the prize for making the most of your space! Clear to the ceiling. Good for you. My space is tiny too, but I need to use more of the vertical space.

Thank you so much for you picture sizing tips. No, I didn't change any pix, but some fit with ex-large and some ran over into my sidebar.. What a pain. I've hardly blogged for the past year so I'm totally out of whack with the whole thing. I do think most things are much easier now though.

Bless you!


Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

You really know how to maximize a small space, every inch has a great use! Love the elephant tea pot, he's cute so is the little iron.

Thank you for stopping by my space and for the lovely comment!

Happy creation and summer to you


Laurel Stephens said...

I admire your repurposing spirit seen everywhere so cleverly put to good use in your cute sewing room. Thank you for the tour! Your quilts are lovely, too!

Tazas y Cuentos said...

You did a great job with your place! You organized all very well there.
I love your little iron and your elephant, so nice details!
Besos from Argentina,

Denise said...

What a little treasure for You.Looks like a lot of FUN could come out of that treasure closet.

Lorri Scott said...

It's amazing you can pack so many collections in such a small space, good for you!

Something Special said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, A closet works well too. I love your idea for hanging the quilt blocks you are working on.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Don't want to get those constant companions mad. lol! Doesn't matter how big the space is, just having a place of our own is fabulous. I think you've done a great job of utilizing every inch. Lots of fun collections! And fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing!

Deborah Weber said...

You've been so creative and resourceful in setting up you space! What a fun tour, and I loved peeking at all your treasures.

Tammy said...

Great use of space in an apartment. It's fun to see how people come up with storage solutions. Your doggie made me smile being mad that you moved her bed. My dog likes to pout too!
Also thanks for visiting my blog!

Unknown said...

What a great space! It's small, but you're a brilliant organizer. Dumpster finds are great. You have quite an eye for it!

farmhouse-story said...

you've done a wonderful job transforming a closet into a creative spot to sew! love the pouting shadow! tfs!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

We definitely make do with the space we've got, Grantham! I think you and I have done very well with our small spaces. I love using those clear storage organizers. I like to see what I've got. Otherwise I forget and buy more! I love bunnies, too! They are all over my house and have even crept into my creative space.

Sherry said...

So fun to visit and see how well you have made use of space. So many great finds that help you keep organized. By the way, I love the bug quilt. Do you do your own quilting? I have only quilted very small quilts so far.

"Create Beauty" said...

Fabrics can get so out of control, but look how you've organized it all!!! Fabulous!!!
~ Violet

Karen Valentine said...

What a great use of that space!! I love the little elephant holding your iron water. Super cute!! I too have added many dumpster dive additions to my studio!! Why not, when they turn out so cute? Thank you for joining the party. I loved seeing your sewing space. :)

Jennifer's Vintage Paperie said...

Small but mighty! You have utilized your space well. I love the quilt blocks. Rubbing alcohol removes sharpie marks, but I like the contact paper. Thanks for sharing your space.

Helena White said...

What a wonderful treasured space. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your little iron is so cute. I had one as a little girl...brings back good memories.

❤ Helena
─ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─

Sheila Rumney said...

What a great creative space. Love the bug quilt and had to laugh and your companion that got moved out of the way. I too have a companion, actually 2 Pomerians, that didn't liked being moved as I was taking pictures of my studio! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Michelle said...

I had an iron just like your sisters when I was a child. However I ironed some plastic with it and ruined it.

I remember my mom storing items in hat boxes. I haven't seen hat boxes in forever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for touring my studio and for all your nice comments. You've done a great job making your space organized and cozy. And I love that you cute doggie joins you in your studio.