Tuesday, May 25, 2021

To Do List Tuesday

 Good Morning  and Welcome to my new digs . . .

. . . In sunny  Galveston!

When I can I like to share and talk about my To Do List on Tuesday. 

Since our lifestyle  has changed so much my To Do List has changed to! 

It will take me a few  weeks to get the house organized.  We made a huge downsize and we are still trying  to decide what to keep. 

But let's  talk about To Do Lists. 

 I like lists.  I like making a grocery  list.  I like planning a Menu.  For alot of things  I make mental lists.  I made a lot of mental lists over the last few weeks as I planned our move.  

My lists have changed  now.  I am making lists of places I want to go. 

 1. A day window shopping on The Strand

2. A day visiting the Beach Where you can ride horses

3. Touringthe Hotel Galveston 

And I have a list of restaurants  to try. 

I am also just jotting down  lists now on scraps of paper.  And maybe I'll  save them for a Junk Journal.

Do you make lists? Do you use pretty paper like this . . .

This fun list I found on Pinterest.   It is available  to purchase but the link didn't  work.

You can find fun printable on Pinterest  too.  This one is available  from an Etsy  Shop. 

And alot of people make lists in their planner like my fb friend.  

Today she wrote about using sticky notes.  She has such a pretty  planner.  

Well. I have a long List of things to do today.  I hope  you enjoyed coming by. 

Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped on. 

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Molly the Airedale said...

What fun you'll have getting to know your new town! About the only list I make these days is a grocery list but I do have a calendar in front of my computer where I jot down appointments and ideas.