Thursday, May 27, 2021

Flower Friday


Good Morning and Welcome!

Today I am joining  a few blog parties and sharing some pictures  I've  taken around our new home. 

I won't  be doing  any planting  for a few weeks  but I found some lovely  blooms. 

Let's  take a stroll . . .

I pass some beautiful  old homes on my strolls.  An example of seeded sidewalks. 

This is a closed up house.  I wonder if it could be purchased.  

Maybe you could be my neighbor!  

We went into town for the Cowboys doctor  appointment today.  We found this park . . .

I stepped inside the gate to find lots of plants to purchase for a donation! There was a pot of Canna's  but I left them for someone else since I am not quite ready to plant. 
I loved the fence  and gate.  And the tile.  If you look close you can see the pots that are available for a donation. 
Gorgeous  Zinnias.  I couldn't  help but think about the ones I grew and had to leave behind.  They were only about 4" tall.  
Wow the season is different here. 

The Sunflowers are already taller than I am.  I will have to come here weekly  to see the progress. 

Gorgeous Canna's  in the corner.

Gosh I learned so much in this small space!  All kinds of veg were planted amongst  the blooms.  The Okra already has pods! 

I am so glad I found this little  park.  I will go back soon.  

The there is a beautiful  Gazebo in the center.  Perfect for a beautiful  morning of reflection.   

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Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful stroll. Love that iron fence!