Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just Sayin' . . .

Forgive me I'm not yelling at you!
Let's all yell together at Google.  Which thinks it's really cool to change things all the time so that we bloggers loose our followers.
And now how about Shelfari and Good Reads!  They've decided it would be real cute to combine.  And so now we have to get rid of our Shelfari shelf and get a new widget with Good Reads.  Which by the way they don't tell you before you start the whole process that you have to have an email app.
SERIOUSLY yes I'm yelling again.  They can do all this fancy smansy stuff  and combine  (insert curse word) but they can't make it even a little user friendly.

I mean seriously.  Have you pinned lately.  It's so high tech it knows what your pinning and puts up the board they think your going to pin too.

Again I say SERIOUSLY.  These things are really annoying me.

I'm over here minding my own business trying to build my blog.  Make it more interesting to you.
And trying to build my readers so I can review more books and they do all this stuff.

I've had these plans to make some changes to the blog.  Changes that I think you'll like.  Nothing that requires anything from you.

And they do all this and sets me back.

It's not like I have all the time in the world.   I'm planning on getting a job soon so my time is limited to get all this done.

But the good news is.  The whole job situation is in God's hands.  And I'll get something in his timing.

Right now I'm enjoying working 2 days a week from 9-11.  And I'm making $5.00 more than I would if I was working at my previous job from 7:45 to 1:00.

So, there are things that this camper is happy about!  

And something else!  I'm going to yell again.  But it's from happiness.  I hope you don't mind!

                 I FOUND MY SLIPPERS!
                 Awe... I feel so much better!

Tomorrow I won't be ranting and raving.  I promise.  I'm joining Leah at The Loft with a post about
Content.  Come by and go over and visit Leah or join in the discussion!  Click here to visit Leah.

one more thing before I go.  Do you see the grey boxes that I can't get rid of.  They got here when 
I tried to cut and paste my slippers.  I didn't realize the stuff that Good Reads wanted me to copy was still on my whatever you call it.  All the books I've posted about and a bunch of other technically stuff related to changing from my Shelfari widget to their widget.  I won't yell this time I'll only growl! Grr.


Denise said...

I love you, and your slippers. do you know anyone that I could pay to put post divider on my blog?

Molly the Airedale said...

Maybe it's just us but we don't see any grey boxes.
Blogger can be so aggravating at times!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Oh my! I know you're struggling with this. But you wrote it in such an amusing way. May God bless you with the perfect job for you, patience to figure out the whole Shelfari thing (which I never understood anyway), and praise God for your cute slippers!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Linda Kay said...

I'm glad you got that all off your chest, my friend! The technology keeps moving faster and faster, with links we don't anticipate. I'm getting bombed with all kinds of "little stuff" on my FB, so had to have it shut down. Have a really happy Hump Day!

Betty said...

I can so relate. I feel like the world is passing me by with all the technology. It's constantly changing and I can't keep up. Speaking of did they find out about my birthday? On December 29th the opening screen had a birthday greeting. Big brother...huh?