Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WordFilled Wednesday/Prayers Please

Good Morning.  I hope your morning is off to a great 'warm' start!
Today I'll be a 'off the grid'.  I am at the hospital with my grandson. 
He had surgery last June.  Some of you might remember . . . 
He was a trooper.  See the blue wrap on his arm.  He tickled us he wanted to take it home.  
He loved it when Pa visited.  The hospital stay was a little rough.
He was in a lot of pain. 
Day two at home.  He isn't a really happy camper.  He has a cast around his waist and all the way down his leg.  
He had the cast for 8 weeks.  After about 4 weeks he learned to crawl out of bed and around the house.  He was a hoot!
He got lots and lots of good wishes.  And silly toys and things to keep him busy.  It's hard to stay in bed for 8 weeks when your 7.

The blue/green crochet blanket was a prayer shawl their church brought to our daughter on surgery day.  She was Blessed.

But he finally got the cast off and he's been back to normal after a few months in a wheelchair. Well till December actually.  

He's had a couple of months of normal activity.  

And now.  Well.  It's back to surgery again.  In June they repaired 
his growth plate.  There was damage due to an injury.  They had to put pins in to hold the bones together.  
Tomorrow they will remove the pins.  It'll be a quick procedure. 
But, more convalescents. He'll be back in the wheelchair for a couple of weeks and then the walker again.  

So.  dear friends.  Can I ask you to say a pray for the little guy?
He needs strength and stamina.  And he needs to be still.  Which is hard to do!  

I'll be at the hospital for the day.  Hopefully I'l be home by 5:00 if all goes well.  

Prayers please!  


Unknown said...

Sending hugs and prayers to you allxx

Molly the Airedale said...

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers♥ Paws are crossed for your grandson.

Leah Adams said...

Oh no! What a trooper he is! Praying all goes well. This post is a perfect fit for our topic of FAMILY today at The Loft. Thank you for linking up!!

Melynda@Scratch Made Food! said...

Tough times for all, here is my wish for a speedy recovery and that the smiles of a busy grandson are soon evident!

Linda Kay said...

Gotcha in my prayers, my friend, for your family and the little guy. Hopefully he will remember little of all this trauma, and he will be recovered completely from the surgeries.

Christine Malkemes said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this, but I am sure the Lord's giving you peace and comfort. It's hard, but this is surely the real meaning of "family". You're so blessed to be a part of his life in such a way you can and always will there. Blessings, Chris

Jerralea said...

Sorry your little guy is going through such a tough time. Praying that this will be a time when some happy memories can be built to take his mind off his pain. Being there for family - definitely a trait the Lord wants us all to have!

Thanks for sharing at the Loft today!

Denise said...

praying for your precious grandson, love you.

ellen b. said...

Oh dear little guy! Praying for him right now...

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Sending lots of prayers to your swet and brave grandson!! What a terrible ordeal to go through for anyone, let alone a 7 year old!!
Yes, I do leave up some of my Christmas decor and add some Winter things to what i leave up.....This way it keeps the house looking festive and it is not such a let down after Christmas!! Thanks so much for stopping by!


J said...

I will pray for your little guy. This is a time where I know you'd gladly exchange places with a grandkchild. I pray daily for many friends out in the blog world and I have seen blessed results come after "two or more are gathered!"

blestbutstrest said...

I'm so sorry your grandson is going through all of this. It always hurts to see the ones we love hurt. I'll be praying for both of your!