Monday, February 29, 2016

Plain Change--Book Review

      I'm starting this review a little different.  I usually save the rating for the end.  
This one is worthy to get your attention . . . 

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                                                Amanda Beiler could never have imagined the course her life would take when she happened to meet Alejandro Diaz. After catching the eye of the Cuban superstar, she hesitantly decides to leave her small Amish community in order to save it from the relentless attention of the paparazzi. Away from her close-knit family and the familiar rituals of her faith for the first time, Amanda goes on tour with the famous singer, and as she begins to see the world under Alejandro’s care, she starts to appreciate life beyond the boundaries of home. Meanwhile, Alejandro is changing, too, and remembering what it feels like to be with someone who wants him despite—not because of—his celebrity.
As their connection grows stronger and their differences shrink, Amanda will have to make a difficult choice: Return to her old life among the Plain, or stay in the limelight with the man she loves?
This one was Plain sweet.  A true Cinderella story.  
The story of an Amish girl that meets a famous entertainer. 

                               She is sweet and innocent.  
                                     He is just plain nice.
In book two of this series (I missed book 1 unfortunately)
Amanda has joined Alejandro on tour.  Which is a bit of a surprise at least to me.  The reader is swept into  to the fast paced world of 
Alejandro the super star through the eyes of the sweet and innocent

The characters are complex and well developed.  The story line is a surprise at least this installment was for me.  I'm curious how Ms. Price will weave the rest of the story of Amanda and Alejandro. 
It's started of so sweet.  Will it stay sweet?  

I look forward to reading not only the rest of the series but going back and reading book one.  

This was a fast read for me.  I couldn't put it down.  

I would definitely recommend this book to all readers.  
I will add a caution for possibly younger impressionable readers. 
The idea of the Amish character leaving her home and lifestyle might be a little bit of a challenge for teenage readers.  

This is the first book that I've read on my phone.  Although I'm not a total convert I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to reading more books.

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Christian Book(dot)com.
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I received this book via Net Galley for my honest review.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll put this on my reading list! Thanks for the good review! Happy reading! Hugs, Diane

Denise said...

awesome review.

Duke said...

This sounds like a book that our mom would enjoy reading. Thank you for a great review!