Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Review--A Son's Vow


Book One of   The Charmed Amish Life a series taking place in Charm, Ohio a fictional little town.  The book is complete with a fun little map in the front.  I caught myself looking over the map as the story progressed. 
Book One is the story of a romance between Darla and Lukas. 
They've known each other all their lives growing up as best friends but when a tragedy strikes the town they drift apart. 
The author wove a sweet little romance together with the drama of 
domestic violence.  
This wasn't a story that I felt 'I knew what was going to happen'.
In fact I was pleased and surprised.  I had it all figured out based on the title and boy was I wrong.  
                     Isn't that what makes a good story?
I thoroughly enjoyed this installment and I look forward to the 
opportunity to
I want to know what happens with the sub characters like Hannah that worked as a nanny for an 'English' couple.   And the dog Rose that lived in the neighborhood where Hannah worked. 
                                   I look forward to the installment that tells Hannah's story!

On the negative side.  Yep there is one.  It's personal but I still want to include it. Get it said and be done with.  Personally I thought the inclusion of the Amish words was annoying.  Whew I said it. 
I might be the only one that feels this way.  But I personally didn't think it added to the story or to the realization.  I haven't been around the Amish and I might be totally off here.  But I think one word here and there was just annoying.  Personal opinion. 

One more negative for me. And it's not really negative exactly . . . 

 There was one point in the story.  A little mystery that was hinted at but didn't get solved and isn't really mention as if it will be solved in follow up stories.   
I don't want to give the storyline away.  But I'm just wishin' to find out what happened! 

All in all.  This was a great book.  I started it couldn't put it down. 
                              To me that's a good read.  

So here's my 4 stars for A Son's Vow

This book is widely available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and
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Here's the fine print . . .
I received this book from the Litfuse Publicity Group for my honest review.


Denise said...

another good review

Molly the Airedale said...

This sounds like a book that our mom would really like. Great review!

Linda Kay said...

Sounds like a good read.