Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Fences/Sorta

Sharing some of my Sunday friends.  Each week I see this herd 
of cows as we go to church. 
Some days they are on the road.   This is why . . . 
                        Good Fences:
A little fence work needs to be done.  I guess the farmer isn't too
worried this road goes straight through his property.
Better Fence:
They are always very curious when we stop.  I'm sure they are looking for a little snack.
Good Fences/Cows:
I don't want to meet this guy on the road. 
Occasionally they manage to get to the grass on the other side of the fence.   
And if the timing is right we see the farmer in his old battered truck with a couple of  youngins'  walking behind the truck carrying a feed bucket luring them back in. 

And btw.  It's ok. to drive down the road.  But don't pull up to the gate.  I hear he comes out with a shot gun.   

                      It is Texas after all 

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