Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra again to share a few plans for the week . . . 

The Weather . . .
Gorgeous already!  65 beautiful sunny degrees.  It ended up being rather chilly last week. I need we'd have another few days of winter!

Right Now . . .
Drinking a faux Dr. Pepper (Krogers copy) and planning and praying over my week. 

Thinking about . . .
Work, family and a lot of things related to work and family and 
our lifestyle.  I see a Wordfilled Wednesday post in my near future. 

On My T.V.
Last night our grandson was here we started Eerol Flynn (sp) Robin Hood.  Mr. Ed last week.  (need to find more episodes)

On The Menu . . . actually haven't even thought about.  That's why this is a good exercise for me.
Monday-- Tacos (1 each from left overs) Chicken Quesdillas
Tuesday--venison sausage, hashbrowns tri color peppers/onions
Wednesday-- Mexican Catfish with a sauce over angel hair, salad
Thursday--Cowboy cooks maybe Pizza
Friday-- Dinner Date

On My To Do List. . .
I was searching for more Blue fabric which I new I had and destroyed my sewing closet.  So now I'm redoing it! Major job!

In The Craft Basket . . .
A Blue Quilt

Looking Forward To This Week . . .
A few hours or work.  (money for Veggie garden) 
And direction from the Lord about work etc. 

Looking Around The House . . .
Mantle is all Spring.  Next need to do the table but there's sorted fabric and more to sort through before it goes back into the closet. 

From The Camera  . . .

Spring Mantle Rabbits:
The little green moss covered bunny is new this year.  A gift from my daughter and grandson. 

Prayer List . . . 
Sandra's Family, The Cowboy's health.  
Our/my work and relationship to our family 

Devotional, Scripture . . .

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Go by and visit Sandra at Family Corner for 
          Happy Homemaker Monday. 
                           Have a Good Week


Molly the Airedale said...

The word "pizza" stopped us dead in our tracks. We LOVE pizza!
Have a wonderful week☺

Row. said...

Love that you Pray over your week. I pray each day or I should say constantly but I like this idea of Praying over your week every Monday. I wish you Blessing over your garden. have a great week.

Joanna Unbehaun said...

Mexican Catfish? Yes, please. Recipe!!!!
Have a great week :)

Denise said...

good post.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Hi, I thought it was better if I reply on an old post. Np reply blogger means when you leave a comment on someones blog they can't reply to you. This means you can be leaving lots of comments and wondering why no one ever says thank you, it's because they can't, unless they try to track you sown, which isn't always easy and sometimes impossible. It's great if you want to stay anonymous though.
I believe it is because you have joined google+. I know because it happened to me, I stopped getting replies, it was only when another blogger who knew me contacted me I found out. There are two ways to fix it, you can either leave google+ and check your settings, or change to a limited google+ profile, but be warned it can happen again. I have found a link which explains it.

The pillow is indeed made from scraps from the header pic of City Lights, it is a shot cotton with a black warp thread, beautiful fabric with a lovely sheen from the Oakshott Lipari range. Thank you for your lovely comments. If you think you have fixed it comment again, I will let you know if I can reply to the comment or not so you will know it has been fixed.