Thursday, July 12, 2012

Prayer Requests

I am needing a litle prayer would you pray with me and for me? 

. . . .There is a young man (I will call him Bob) on my drama that didn''t come to practise last night.  The other boys were telling me he was on the 'time out' bench.  This was unusual because he loves drama team and it and Sunday chapel service are the highlights of his week.  So I knew something was way off.

I asked the staff why "Bob" didn't come to reheasal and she told me he had disobeyed a certain rule 'how they are to walk down the hall'.  Again this is way 'out of norm. for him.

When our practise was over we learned that the staff was doing drug tests on all the boys.  (In 3 years of being there I have never seen them do this)

Bob was in the main room with the rest of the group. He was sitting in his chair bouncing and never looked our way.  Which was also very unusual. 

Cowboy and I both wondered if he was "high".   I worried about him the rest of the evening.  And I prayed for him last night. 

Then in the middle of the night I woke up.  The thought came t my mind that he had not gotten his stage earlier in the day.  That I think is the reason for his behavoior last night. 

Also, one of my other boys was really upset because he had been gone during the day to community service when he got back he found out staff had done room searches and took his Bible.  He was really upset that they had taken it.  We talked to him and encouraged him and then his mentor showed up and had a long talk with him. 

Apparently something big is going on.  Probably staff suspects drugs have been sneak on campus. 
The sad thing is sometimes when these has happened in other facilitie (never at ours 'so far')  it has been found out the drugs were brought in by staff.  How sad is that!

Would you pray for our boys.  For the staff.  I know that if something big happens it will affect all the boys.  Please pray for Bob.  Pray that God will give him the strength to 'hang in there' and be patient.  He should go home in 28 days but not getting his stage will affect that causing him to stay longer. 

. . . .Also on a pesonal note. I have been looking for a job.  I have had a couple that looked very promising.  One for a non-profit (which I really, really wanted)  And, I really thought I had a good chance.  I even cut back on my hours so that it would be easier on my current employeer when I put in my notice.  I didn't get the non-profi job because I don't have a degreee.  The director called me and explained that even though I have more experience than some of the other applicnts that they are really looking for a degreed person.  She did say that they want to keep me in the 'running'.  But,  I don't hold out much hope.  Then I applied at a Christian Pre-School.  It raeally did soud like a good possibity but almost 2 weeks later no word. 

I am getting really discouraged.  I was really, really hoping to find something this month.  I need to find something by August.  If not I'll have to stay where I am longer.  Which I can but the thing is when school starts it will be nights again.  I don't want to work nights.  And, they will only give me 15-18 hours a week.  I really need at least 30 hours. 

So would you pray for me?  I am getting worried and discouraged .  I don't want to make a mistake in taking a position.  I don't want to just take something that isn't what God wants me to do.   But  need to find something soon. 

I know sweet sisters that you'll pray with me.  I know my dear friends that you'll lift these needs up to the Father.   And that he wll help me and my boys find strength.  And that he will provide. 

Thank you for the prayers!

The Bible verse I am learning this week is . . .

I have given them the glory that you gave me.
May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved  them even as you have loved me.
John 16:22 and 23

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