Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Things . . .

. . . on my mind and  Random Favorite Photos . . .

So I do have a lot of things on my mind.  The job search which I wrote about a few minutes ago in my Friday 5 minute post. 

  • Planned post titled Yes I enjoy mopping
  • Makeover plans for my blog.  Have you noticed some of the changes?  
  • Remembering the Bible verse I am trying to memorize this week.  Here's another try.

I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one. I in them and you in me. 
May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them as you have loved me. 
John 17:22 and 23

And a random photo I love . . .

Don't ask me why.  I love this pic of pink shoes worn by my grandsons little friend.  I just think they are adorable. 

And I am thinking about the vacation that Cowboy and I are planning for the whole family for next August.   We are planning on taking our son, DIL grandson and granddaughter and our daughter and her son to Custer State Park in South Dakota.  We have some huge plans and I am so excited! 

All this hinges on that job I am trying to get. 

Here's another favorite random photo
This is our grandson a few years ago.  He is about 7 here.  He is 10 now.  I just love the expression on his face!  His mom is a great photographer she manages to capture some amazing shots. 

Which random thoughts take my mind to how much I love photography.  I am not good by any means.  I don't even have a great camera but it works for me at least for now.  I really want one a little better. 

Randomly changing gears again . . .  I have a whole list of things I am going to update or buy as soon as I get a good pay check.  At the to of the list is new glasses and hopefully contacts again! 

And a new phone.  That might be before the glasses.  My phone drives me nuts.  It is not even two years old.  It is the first Android that Metro PCS offered.  It cost way too much money and doesn't work half the time.  And, the service costs too much.  So I am down grading to just a phone that I can talk and text and that is all. 

Unless of course I need email for the new job then I will bite the bullet and upgrade to a better phone!

Speaking of phones and technology.  And this is another entire post I am planning.  I have taken the comment moderation off my blog.  I don't have the verify your not a robot thing either.  It should be fast and simple for you to write a comment. Please do!

How about another fun, favorite photo . . .

Another cute photo my DIL took of the family boots.  I am wondering why she doesn't have cute boots like my granddaughter!

About blogging.  I love it.  Do you?  I love writing.  I love visiting all you guys.  I love the inspiration you all share.  I get some great ideas for decorating and cooking.  And I get a lot of wisdom.  

Do you Pinterest?  I really want to but I can't seem to get an invite.  Or I am challenged and can't figure it out.  Which btw on  the topic challenged at blogging  I have  alabel called "dummies at blogging"  when I write about things I can't do,  or have figured out how to do, or where I share little mini tutorials.  Check it out! 

Would you invite me to Pinterest? 

What about a couple more favorite random photo's . . .

 If you visit here often you notice I have lots of photo's of horses.  I love them!  I love beautiful horse photo's. 

And here's another favorite which brings me to another random topic . . .
and I know when you read this your thought will be "I knew this woman is crazy! This proves it!"
I am thinking about moving!  Yes.  That is what I said.  In my defense though you have to understand that when we moved into our little cottage apartment on May15th it was with the understanding we would move to a bigger unit.  We rented the only thing available an efficiency.  It is tiny!  And doesn't have a fireplace.   No real eating area.  No washer and dryer connections.  So when a bigger unit hopefully a 2 bedroom is available we are moving.  And I'll be able to do this with my fireplace!  Isn't it pretty! 

And thinking of fireplaces and decorating them it brings me to another random topic did you know it is less than 6 months till Christmas?  Yes  June 25th it was officially 6 months till Christmas. 

That brings me to thinking about another post I am planning. 

But, you'll have to wait because my random brain has taken me to thinking about sewing and I have about 3 hours before I have to get ready for Cowboy to get home.  So I am going to go sew.   And I'll post some pics soon of what I am sewing. 

Hope your having a Happy Day!  Thanks for coming along on the . . .

Journey of Randomness!

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