Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Minute Friday--Dressed to . . .

Happy Friday everyone.  Today I am joining in 5 minute Friday where we just start typing/writing for 5 minutes straight and stop! 

. . . It was the beginning of a romantic evening.  Hair done, nails done.  But what to wear?  As I stand and stare at the closet full of . . . hot clothes.  Yes I said hot.  No not in the sense of sensually hot (I am over 50 remember) but in the sense of temperature hot.  Yep it is over 100 outside and unfortunately the a/c in the car dosen't work.  So the hair well it's done but in a simple no style style. Because when you drive with the windows done well.  Let's just pretend it is a convertible.  There that is better.  And so I pull out some brown dressy pants that have this tiny little red and darker brown little plaid kind of pattern. Cheap from the Dillards outlet 2 years ago.   And this really, really cool thin jacket kind of shirt that I got for dirt cheap at the Dillard's outlet.  Love it. It is kind of see through (I did say 'hot') didn't I?  It is almost a net of some sort but sewn on top are these flowers cut out of another thin see through kind of cloth.  They are raw on the edge and they cover the entire top so you really can't see through but there is a hint of what is underneath.  Which is a simple white cami that I bought at Dollar General when they were on sale for buy one get one.  Total cost $1.50.  Aw this is looking nice so I add these really cute silver earrings that have a white kind of big bead that hangs inside a silver circle.  This is all coming together.  Oh the earrings are from Old Navy maybe a cost of $5.00.  So I am thinking a necklace.  No which one.  O.K. I look and I realize that the very first every Brighton piece I bought waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day before Brighton was Brighton or at least before anyone knew what it was.  And the necklace goes perfect with the earrings!  (the matching Brighton ones hurt my ears)  This is coming together I am impressed with myself.  And then last I pull out the shoes that I have been dying to wear.  Liz Claiborne strapy sandles that cost me a grand total of $4.00.  Yep never worn brand new.  I am lovin' my resale stores.  Then I am thinking purse which one.  So I dig around for this little kind of gold/beige silvery evening kind of looking bag.  But I can't find it.  And so I end up with any everyday purse that is green.  Which I bought at Goodwill on half price day.  Total cost $4.00.  Oh it is Nine West and brand new!   Well I have to say I am for once happy with the way I look.  I think I can make my Cowboy proud as we walk into . . 

Was that really 5 minutes.  Dawng!  It was a very nice evening and it did end up very Romantic. 

The rest of the story coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

I love your five minute 'putting it all together' for an event...especially when you mentioned, "hot", "hot" weather!

Denise said...

Great post.