Friday, July 27, 2012

The Real 5 Minute Fri--Beyond

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Friday!

 Each week Lisa Jo gives us a topic to write about for 5 minutes.  On 5 Minute Friday we write about what is jogged into our minds by the topic she suggests.  We don't worry about writing the right least we are not supposed to . . . .

Start 8:10 . . . Beyond

It is Beyond my imagination what is in store.  It is Beyond my comprehension what it will be like.
I am thinking of Heaven.  So much I really don't understand.  Beyond my ability to grasp.  But not Beyond my hope.  I don't have to hope that I'll be there.  Because I know.  I know because I have trusted in Jesus.  I know that there have been times I haven't been good enough.  Well actually 'all the time'.  But Jesus has done what was needed for me to go Beyond and Be with Him.  I trust in Christ.  I trust in my heavenly Father.  I may get discouraged and confused but I know it is more than I can imagine.  It is more than I can understand how I can be forgiven.  Even though I don't deserve it.  Even though I mess up a lot.  I keep trying.  I keep working toward being more and more like Christ.   So that he doesn't have to cover more of my mistakes with His blood.  I am so sorry that was necessary.  I am so sorry that our Savior had to take all the penalties for me.  Because of his Love I don't have to worry.  And it is Beyond my comprehension . . .

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On a Journey Beyond (my comprehension). . .
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