Monday, July 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday-The Extreme Makeover

Published Monday....
Happy Sunny Friday to you!  This morning I had a post planned and blogger or our slow service one of the two wouldn't cooprate and let me load pics. 

So I am joining the others in Five Minute Friday this morning.  This is the day we write for five minutes straight without stopping. 

So here goes . . 

Actually I am going to write a little of my planned post.

A few days ago my grandson was here.  He is four.  Last winter he made a gingerbread house out of foam it was a kit from Walmart. We had the best time putting it together last year.  It was funny when we moved; I debated about taking it apart (it is sort of like a puzzle the house pieces just snap together) and moving it flat. Or horror of  horrors just trashing it. I mean he was only 3 1/2 at the time.  I thought of how much he enjoyed it and I know you know what I decided! I opted to leave it in tact.  It was already loosing a few of the sticker pieces so I worried about it's surviving. 

Cowboy and I talked about how proud he was and so I decided we would make a new one each year and have a whole scene.  I have visions of each one being bigger and better as he grows.   As I think about it now I think I'll send one to Missouri to my granddaughter!

Once we got moved and settled and I was deciding where to store it I noticed more of the glued on pieces were falling off.  The orginal glue (they are stickers) didn't last so I decided to have my little grandson glue them on with Elmers before I put it away till winter. 

So I get the house out.  Set him up on our ottaman.  And I tell him the plan.  I show him how some of the stickers (the snow flakes and window) had fallen off and how we were going to glue it back together.  So I leave the room to go and get the glue and what do I find when I returned!  The entire house taken apart and laying in pieces!  I had to laugh to myself.  I asked him why he took it apart.  And his innocent sweet answer was.  I wanted to put it together again! 
So we got down to it and put it back together.  This time glueing all the pieces back on.  

And as I helped and watched I couldn't help but think of it as The Extreme Makeover!
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