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A Sad Day A Scary Day plz read UPDATED

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This morning I didn't wake up to the news.  I didn't check my email.  I just began my day then sat down and started reading 5 Minute Friday posts that's when I first heard that something bad happened in Colorado.    No explanation just a short mention.  Then as I read more posts it was mentioned again and so I decided I needed to find out what they were talking about. 

Yes, something very bad did happen.  Something very scary and I suspect that you've heard about the tragedy. 

The rules for 5 minute Friday are simple write about a specific topic.  You can write whatever you want and you shouldn't feel pressured or worry about saying the wrong thing.  It is about writing what is on your heart. 

And so now I am sharing with you something that was in my inbox.  Please don't get the wrong idea.  I really had to think about reposting this today because I was afraid that some readers would take it wrong.  But I am posting it for the same reason I believe that it was sent to me.  I don't think it was meant to be a marketing scheme.  I think it was honest.  The email was from the publicist at at Blogging For Books.  It was sharing info about a book specifically Chapter 4.  It was sent to hopefully share and give you peace.  And so I pray that you'll receive it as it is meant to be received.  If you don't agree with me and you are bothered that I posted please be kind to me.   If you feel you need to please feel free to contact Blogging for Books with your comments. 

Dear Sherry,

I woke up this morning and my wife said to me, "Something bad happened in Denver last night."
She didn't know or say what it was as I rushed out the door for work.
On the drive in, I turned on 850 KOA, the largest radio station in Colorado. It was non-stop coverage of a shooting that had taken place just seven short hours ago.
I listened as one of the authorities recounted what happened: 12 people have been killed and 38 wounded in what is being called the "Theater Shooting" in Aurora, Colorado. Witnesses say a masked gunman, dressed in black, walked into the theater with a gas mask on, threw gas canisters into the theater and then opened fire on the crowd. (Hear two witnesses account of the tragedy).
If God Is GoodAs I drove down I-25 listening to what had happened, just 50 miles up the road, I began to consider what the appropriate response was. Should I be angry? Should I forgive? Should I get a concealed carry permit? Should we have tighter gun laws?
I arrived at work and went to chapter four in Randy Alcorn’s book, If God Is Good (download it here).
After spending 10 minutes with just a portion of Randy's book, I felt comfort. I had answers. I found my orientation amidst the flood of possible responses.
I wonder if your blog readers, church members, friends or family are feeling what I felt this morning?
If you'll be blogging or preaching on evil and suffering today or this week, I invite you to engage with Randy's book, If God Is Good.

You can embed chapter four from Scribd here:

And here is Randy talking about If God Is Good with Greg Laurie:

I pray that if you need comfort today that you'll receive this as a resource. 

Thank you for visiting.  Thank you for you understanding. 

Continuing My Journey of Faith and Trust,

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