Friday, July 20, 2012

Enough 5 Minute Friday

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Do you ever want to take the time to sit and write random thoughts or things that are on your mind. Maybe a chance to write and not worry about what it sounds like? Or worry about how you said that. It is ok. And, you can on Fridays with the mob. Here's the topic for this week.


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Enough a bad topic today.  I feel like I've had enough.  Enough frustration.  Enough sadness. Enough anger.  Enough waiting.  Enough looking.  Enough trying.  I know that I can trust in God to take care of my/our needs.  I know in my head that he will not give me/us more than we can handle.  I know that he is there even as I write these words.  I know that my savior is there too possibly wiping away his own tears because as I feel frustrated, confused and filled with sorrow. He is thinking why doesn't she just trust me.   I should also feel sad because I know his grace is sufficient.  But in my selfishness.  In my humaness I want more.  I want it now.  I have had enough.  I want to move on.  I am tired of job hunting.  I just want to know where I am going to go everyday.  I want to plan and organize.  I want to not worry and trust in God.  And not feel frustrated.  I want to come back to him as a little child innocently forgetting about all the struggles of this world.   I want what he has to offer.

Stop . . .

When I went to Lisa-Jo's this morning to read her post and the topic and begin to think of what I was going to write  I thought of this photo immediately. 

I hope that today along with me you can come to the Savior as a little child and leave all the
'enoughs' behind. 

My Journey With Him is Enough . . .

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