Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Caught The Bug . . .

Actually it was my house that caught the bug. The makeover bug. My sweet little
apartment cottage was jealous of the dusting and moving things around I have planned
for the blog and so she. (Yes my cottage is a ‘she’) asked for a makeover too.
So while I am taking a break from posting. (Actually waiting for a signal) I have been
moving furniture. “She” got this bug yesterday when I got the sewing machine out
and started on a green quilt because I was out of white thread so I couldn’t finish what I
already had  started.

Anyway I was looking around at how the furniture was arranged  And I took the plunge and decided to move the wingback chair from the living room to the bedroom.

Only problem is where I want it to go it didn’t quite fit. So I looked around the room and decided this shelf unit . . .

Here's what it looked like before I moved it.  It's hard to see but there isn't but about 18' between
the shelf unit and the bed.  So moving it really gives us a lot more room on thaat side of the bed.
So I decided to try it in the living room. But, that was late in the afternoon and I knew I wouldn’t have time so; I waited till this morning.  Because I really didn't want to deal with moving all that stuff off and I knew I wouldn't get it all done and back together before Cowboy got home. 

Now this I what I used to move the  unit.

Yep these really work.  I moved the whole unit without taking anything off except the really fragile stuff.  The only reason I took it off is the top section is kind of top heavy.  I pushed and shooved and slid the thing right into the new spot. And I love it's new home.
Then I looked around at what things needed to come off of it and what needed to go on.
I moved some books off. Left the Bibles. Added the crystal. I stumbled onto a frame amongst the books and realized it would look great with my current favorite photo of my grandson.

I have a plan for some of the books on the back of the shelf. But it’s a secret for now.  I think I need a few more of those square candles for the top. 
Still working on the redo.  Please come back to see the big reveal.  Will have to take the bed apart to move it so the chair will fit.  Here's a little sneak preview of  the little end tabe that is by the bed now.  

I love this little table.  I have used it lots of different ways.  I love this adorable photo of my grandson when he was about 15 months.  He loved climbing on it. 

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you'll come back and stay in touch for the big reveal of the
Little Cottage Makeover and the blog makeover. 

On a new Journey to make My Home a Sanctuary . . .

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