Friday, October 22, 2021

Let's Have Tea With Author Jackie Layton

 Welcome to the Tea Party!  We are ending the week with a chat with my friend Author Jackie Layton

Do you drink Tea? Iced or Hot? 

I love tea, both hot and iced. I’ve been a tea drinker most of my life.

2. Some folks have Tea Cups even if they don't drink tea in it? Do you have a Tea Cup? 

Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love the beach. So my favorite tea cup shouldn’t surprise you. 

Oh what a gorgeous Tea Cup! 

3. Have you ever been to a Tea Party? 

I had a tea party once with my granddaughters, but they don’t like tea so we used our imagination. I would love to have tea in London one day.

4. Do you think your Main Character Andi Grace would ever go to a Tea Party? 

I can see Andi Grace attending a Tea Party. I wonder if anyone has ever had a tea party wedding shower. I’ll definitely ponder it.

5. If you were at a fancy Tea Party would you eat the Cucumber Sandwiches? Would Andi Grace?

I would most definitely eat cucumber sandwiches. Have you ever heard of Benedictine sandwiches? It’s made of cream cheese based with cucumber juice and a couple other things. Traditionally you add green food coloring so it’s also pretty. It’s yummy if you make it right.

6. Personally I'd pass on the Cucumber but I would go for those pretty Strawberry and Cream Cheese. Which Tea Sandwich would be your first choice? 

I would try Strawberry and Cream cheese. Honestly, I would try all of the options.

6 1/2 Which fancy Sweet thing would you pick? Apricot and Cream Cheese Squares sounds intriguing. It’s not anything I’ve ever tried, and I’m usually up to trying new foods.

7. Is there a Tea Shop near you? 

I live in a small town, and we don’t have a tea shop.

8. If you were hosting a Tea Party who would you invite? 

It’d be so fun to have a tea party with all the women in my family. We’re spread out from Texas to South Carolina and as far north as DC. I know if we could get together for a tea party, there’d be lots of love and laughter.

9. Would you do super fancy or low key? 

Fancy! I’d have a variety of sandwiches, teas, and desserts. I’d use nice China and silver spoons I bought in France. It’d definitely be fancy.

10. Before we finish our tea can you share  what's coming up next for Andi Grace? 

The next book is scheduled to release in February. Andi Grace and her best friend Juliet will find a dead body during a community event. The victim is a radio personality and podcaster, and there are plenty of people with a motive to murder him. Andi Grace will look into his past for clues and compare to current events in order to catch the killer.  

Thank you Jackie for coming to Tea!   

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About the author  

Author Bio: Former Kentucky pharmacist JACKIE LAYTON loves her new life in the Low Country. Walks on the beach and collecting shells are a few of her hobbies when she’s not writing.

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