Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It's Written in the Leaves by Author Jocie McKade Chatting About Tea and a Giveaway

 Welcome Today my  Author friend Jocie McKade  joins us today 

When Jocie's  not sitting on her tractor she is writing  and sippin'tea.  

Today she is sharing  some of her favorite  cups . . . 

One of Jocie's  favorite  cups for morning tea.   A gift  from her daughter.

Authors  are special people that make friends easily.  A special  cup from a reader. 

Christmas  time is a favorite  time especially  when you have a festive cup gifted from your sister.  

These are the three that are typically on my desk....although I usually only use the Christmas cup in December.  I am always afraid I'll break it!

It's Written in the Leaves

Tea is a most wondrous drink. It has been consumed far longer than coffee, and takes a lot less work to drink it. Did you know tea is the number one most consumed drink on the planet? Globally, we really like tea. In the USA, our tea of choice is iced tea, and we drink over 80% of our tea over ice. That’s not counting sweet tea, y’all. 

While loose leaf tea is still preferred by tea ‘connoisseurs’, a good tea bag is always welcome, but they’ve only been around since 1908. Those first tea bags were salesmen samples and were made of silk. 

The very British tradition of adding milk or cream began as a means to protect precious and very expensive china cups from getting stained by the tea. 

Herbal tea has become very mainstream over the last twenty years. Moving from communal shops and health food stores to become many peoples everyday drinking choices for good health, but did you know that herbal tea isn’t really tea?

Nope, herbal teas are created from bark, roots, and the leaves of plants that are not necessarily tea plants. 

Reading tea leaves began centuries ago, but came into favor during the Victorian era, as drinking tea and hosting tea parties became popular. 

The lady of the house was quite often expected to read her guests tea leaves after they’d finished. It was basically an early edition of “Cards Against Humanity”. Can’t you just envision those exquisite dressed Victorian ladies making naughty remarks about the dregs in a tea cup? 

There is an actual ‘tea leaf reading’ cup that those who have the gift use. Not all use this special cup, many just stare into the dregs of whatever cup the person they are reading used. 

Tassomancy is the ‘official’ name for those who read the leaves. My Tassomancy book series features a leaf reader who isn’t the ‘text book’ version of a reader. She travels in a renovated ice cream truck, The Aquarius Moon, and parks where the leaves tell her that she is most needed. 

The next time you have a cup of loose leaf tea, stare into the bottom of your cup, you never know what your leaves will tell you.   

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Cherie J said...

I have always been fascinated by the act of reading tea leaves. I had never heard the term Tassomancy used before. Thanks for adding to my knowledge base. cherierj(at)yahoo(dot)com

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks. Your entered in the giveaway.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Sounds great!! Thanks for the reminder about the Giveaway!!

Jocie McKade said...

Thanks for hosting me, Sherry.
And thanks everyone!!!