Monday, October 18, 2021

A Little Chat Over Tea With Author Karen Rose Smith


 If we we were to meet one of your characters where would we meet? What would you suggest for our meal?

I imagine Daisy, my sleuth, would love to meet you. She would, of course, suggest a full tea service at Daisy’s Tea Garden. Much of her clientele buys soups, salads and baked goods to go. But several times a week the tea garden offers a full tea service that’s reservations only. You would have your choice of the many teas, though the month’s special is orange pekoe tea. With that she would serve a ribbon salad, corn chowder with cheese biscuits, quiche with country ham, and a tiered display of sweets from a chocolate mousse bite, to a mini cherry tart, to a whoopie pie and snickerdoodles. 

Let's have dessert. Is Chocolate okay? 

Chocolate is always okay! I developed a recipe for the series that is Chocolate Espresso Cookies. Each cozy includes three recipes.

Nuts or no nuts? 

Definitely with nuts. Pecans are my favorite. 

When you write The End how do you celebrate? 

The End brings a sense of relief. When the book is released, I often invite my bff to come to dinner or another dear friend to share tea. 

Do you have a pet that keeps you company while your working? 

My husband and I have rescued 5 inside cats and we also have 2 inside outside who have their “apartment” in the basement. They go out for a few hours a day and are inside the rest of the time. They are still somewhat feral. Usually one or more inside cats keep me company. 

Do you have a dedicated writing space? 

I do have a dedicated working office. Since I use a tape recorder to tape my novels, I can do it where I’m most comfortable. Sometimes in spring and summer, that’s on the patio! 

Let's pretend... If you could go anywhere in the world to research it and write your next book where would you go? 

One of my favorite places is the Flagstaff, Arizona area. I love the town of Flagstaff. The Grand Canyon is an hour north and Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona are an hour south. From the colors and formations in the canyon to the forests surrounding Flagstaff to the unique red rock formations in Sedona I find the area inspiring. 

Would you take snacks? What would you take? I always takes snacks. If out for the day, cheese, nuts and fruit along with a candy bar and chips. 

What is your favorite season? It’s a toss up between spring and summer. I garden and plant flowers and veggies from seeds. I love the color and reawakening of spring after winter and the vibrant colors in summer. 

You’re planning a Romantic Dinner for two . . .  

What is on the menu? 

Salad with arugula, blueberries and walnuts, French onion chicken, roasted broccoli, zucchini and peppers, crusty bread, and creme brulee.

Where will you dine?

 On the patio with fairy lights all around. 

What kind of flowers will he bring? 

Yellow roses


Thank Karen Rose for such a lovely chat!  And thanks for coming for Tea! 

I have one more special treat.  An excerpt for the new release. 

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