Friday, October 30, 2020

Foodie Friday

 Hello.  Welcome to Foodie Friday.

The Fabulous Party is live! 


Sharing meals served on the Rustic Dinner Plate.  The Cowboy likes his plate/platter.  My photos are rarely edited and my shots aren't staged so they are a bit Rustic.

It was a busy week.  On Sunday we noticed our freezer went out.  So I spent Monday and Tuesday batch cooking.  Then running  to the store everyday for something I forgot!

Here's what we've eaten this week

One Rib Eye.  I cut in half to serve.

It was sooo good.  I did the reverse sear method. So easy and no smoke!  I sauteed Mushrooms in Bacon 🥓 Fat and Butter.  Topped the baker's with 'The Works'


The Cowboy suggested  I put his Eggs in the Crossiant I never think of Breakfast Sandwiches.  


I got a super deal on Smoked Salmon.  He asked for Crackers but we are out!  In all my trips to the store I forgot the darn Crackers.   I served with Cream Cheese and these Pretzels found on a sale.


The 5# of thawing Burger became Chili.  It was 'just' So So.  Time is me enemy lately and energy too!  I made Corn Bread Muffins from a mix.

The Pot Roast was great. I worried and worried about it.  I marinated over night in Salt and Aldi's Mrs.  Dash then washed it and cooked from Noon until 6.  It was super tender. 


He asked for Pickles with the Salmon.  The last of these fancy Crackers we bought at the discount store. We didn't like them.
One if my fav's from that bunch of Burger.  I love my Momma's💗  Goulash.  A few Veggies cooked in the grill pan and some Collard Greens.
I love 💕 this meal but I like it better with Fried Potatoes.

A leftover night. Beans, Collards, Corn Bread and Kielbasa
More pics of the Roast. . .

A breakfast plate.  See the Lentles I remembered to get them at the store.

Boiled Crab from the freezer and Fried Catfish.

I make my own Tartar Sauce.  Just chop an onion and a pickle and stir into Mayo

A leftover night if Mixed Beans and Collards and a piece of Cornbread goes great with Kielbasa.  An easy meal!
Same Old lunch.  I need ideas!
Well I got ideas from the Cowboy this is what he asked for.  Actually it was more of an order.  I just roll my eyes and hope for better days.
In case I didn't share the Lasagna from last week.  I had never used no boil noodles they worked great!

So that was our week of mostly



Did you manage to get any healthy meals on the dinner plate?

I would love to here your meal plans and ideas.


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