Friday, October 16, 2020

Foodie Friday Oct. 16

 Hello and Welcome to the blog

Today I am sharing our Rustic Dinner plate. We've had a good week !

I feel accomplished we've had some good meals and stuck to the Menu I planned.  

I got the Gumbo cooked that I had planned.  We had a small bowl with Fajita's.  The Gumbo was lacking.  I used a mix that I've never tried.  It was rich and thick but way to salty for us.

I made some Stew that was more Soupy.  It was good but I should have made some Gravy to make it thicker. 

For lunch the last of the Spinach Parmesan Bread made great grilled Cheese.  I made Split Pea Soup.  I was out of Carrots but the Cowboy didn't mind he really isn't a fan of Carrots.
Oh this was a super yummy  meal.  Over the years the Cowboy has bought gadgets.  We have a Rotisserie so I can do my own Chicken.  It was so good with homemade Baked Mac/Cheese and a Kale Chopped Salad.
Another shot so you could see that yummy Mac!

A healthy lunch I made Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup.  The Cowboy had never had that combo.  He really liked it.  I'll have to share how I made it in another post.  It was super easy  and fast and so much better and healthier that canned.
This was another great meal.  A Tuna Steak, Shrimp Cocktail and a White/Sweet Potato I baked and topped with Fried Kale and a slice of Fried Salt Pork, Green Beans.  Except for the smidgen of Salt Pork we stayed on diet.

A better shot of how I did the Potatoes.  I sliced the Sweet Potato really thin and put the slices in the White Potato.  It made a fancy presentation.
Look at the big 'Ole Tomato it was so yummy.
It made a great lunch with Fish Sticks homemade Tartar Sauce and L/O Mac & Cheese.

I made a batch of Bisquick Biscuits and Muffins.  I need a smaller pan.  But this works.  The cooking time is different but I just set the oven lower and cook the longer time of the two.  They turn out o.k. I am not of fan of package mixes.   
I will be making Muffins from scratch.  I got my cookbook back from my daughter.  Watch for a special post soon about my Fav. Family Cookbook!

I hope you enjoyed your visit and got some inspiration for your Dinner Plates!



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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

All your meals look delicious! The broccoli cauliflower cheese soup looks special--I'll have to try that combo as I like to prepare cauliflower different ways.