Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Homemaker In Texas

 Welcome to Happy Homemaker in Texas.  

I  love sharing my plans with you and joining Sandra's party.

Before we get into HHM I was wondering if you might be interested in joining a Facebook group I started a groupt would all about Home and Homemaking. Cooking and maybe Crafting.

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The weather

It's real Fall weather now.  Only expecting the 80"s mid week for one day.  We will have lows in the 40's most days and highs in the 70"s. 

Sweater weather.  Yea.

On the breakfast plates . . . 

Sharing both our plates.. The Cowboy gets the Tortilla with a piece of Bacon in it.  I cooked too many Eggs so I have some ready for the dogs for the morning.   I only ate half of what was on my plate.  I shared LOL!

Outside my windows . . . 

From the morning room the birds are singing, a lite breeze is blowing the wind chimes and the dogs are playing.

From the studio window cars are lined up on the street for Pee Wee football. People are walking past the house.  

Around the house

It's quiet now.  The Cowboy is still asleep the so the t.v. is off.

No Fall decorations in the house yet but I did get the mantle in the Morning Room decorated.

Just finished Reading 

I haven't read much this last week.  But this kept calling me.  Love a good sweet romance.  

A few on my pile

In the studio 

Finishing a quilt

Finishing SWAP's

I need to get started on Christmas gifts . . . Some crochet items and Journals for family.

Something fun to share

I am excited to give you sneak peek of some plans for my book review blog.  Coming soon . . .

More fun . . . 

Click Here
This is a super fun group I have been in for years.

Last week's menu

Monday . . . Chopped Bar B Que from freezer, Onion Rings, Pinto Beans and Pickles ✔

Tuesday . . .  Planning this I feel like the back in the day mom's that served the same thing every week.  But the Cowboy will eat Taco's and we love them so it's Taco Tuesday and well they are so easy to make kind of a break for me.  ✔

Wednesday . . . Lasagne, Salad and Garlic Bread ✔

Thursday . . .  L/O Chopped BBQ on Baked Potato's, Stuffed Jalapeno's

Friday . . .  Pot Roast, Potato's and Carrots  

This week we get our monthly

On the menu . . .

Monday  Mexican Chicken and Rice, Borracho Beans, Salad

Tuesday Pork Tenderloin, Stuffing, Green Beans

Wednesday   Chili and Cornbread

Thursday Fried Chicken, Corn, Mashed Potatoes and Cream Gravy

Friday Pan Seared Fish Filets, Rice Pilaf, Steamed Broccoli


Idea's for this weeks outing 

I want to take the girls for a Fall photo shoot at the library.

I want to go to a high school in the next town over that has trees with huge acorns

Dog Park

Car Ride with dogs 

The 'To Do' list

House cleaning. Mopping floors, dusting 

Decorate front door

Buy veggie plants

Make a new Happy Homemaker photo for November

My 'Ta Da' moment 

Managing to get my post written and published was a challenge this week. I seemed to be behind all week.  I am happy and satisfied with the Tea Party event it was a lot of fun.

In  the garden

I am super happy with my Cabbage it is doing great!

The Broccoli is finally looking good!

I have a few Carrots sprouting under the Green Beans

I planted Swiss Chard and Turnips

This week I need to buy more plants.

Plant flower seeds I am doubling the size of the cutting garden and moving the path.  My sister sent me some seeds.  

From the camera 

A favorite picture from the Tea Party.

And . . .

A great night for a fire.  I am under a quilt.  But, he's happy.  Men and fire!


Have a Fabulous weekend!




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Luludou said...

Seems like a great tea party.
aS for Fall decor, it will be coming down next week and I,ll start putting some Christmas in the air.
Have a great week

Jean said...

What a pretty tea party table! Reading about your pen friend group reminds me I have a few letters and cards to mail. Hope you have a wonderful week!