Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Tea Part-After Party

 Good Morning. I hope your Saturday has started off . . . 

We have had a delightful and Fabulous week here at the blog. 
Today I am sharing some highlights  from the Tea Party 🍵

First let's talk about the table . . .

A Tea Party 🍵 must have lovely Tea Cups.  Right?

Here is my small collection of . . .
Tea Cups?
Actually I think this is the only one that is a true  Tea Cup. 

It's a special one given to me years ago by a friend.  We had talked one day at her house about her collection of tea cups.  I admired her collection which included family treasures that had been handed down in her family.  I sighed as I looked at the lovely family treasures.  Guess what I got for my Birthday.  What a sweet friend.  It may not be an Old Family but it is a treasure to me.

These cups I've collected the last few years to use here on the blog for Tea Parties but guess what.  I think they are really coffee cups. 

And this one . . .

. . . Is from a set of Christmas dishes I bought at a re-sale  shop for mere pennies!  I just turned them so you couldn't see the Christmas trees.
Did you notice?

For our Tea Party 🍵 I served this Tea. 

 I purchased at Kroger.  I actually rarely drink hot tea.  I know Gasp!  I really prefer Hot Chocolate if it is cold.  I drink my tea cold on ice.  I am a Southern girl.  But alas I cannot make decent Iced Tea.  I know Gasp #2.  But if  I brew 2 bags of flavored tea with regular Lipton tea it is rather pleasant.

So are you thinking why the whole Tea Party thing if I don't drink tea and I really don't even have a real tea set?

I just like Tea Parties and it's not that I don't like a cup of tea I just prefer other things.

I like to have a reason to set a pretty table and share with you. 

I like to use my favorite things like the table cloth that really isn't a table cloth.   It is really a  Chenille bedspread.    I love it!  I think it makes a pretty table cloth.  It's also really pretty all scrunched up and put under the Christmas tree.  I like to pretend it's snow.

I do have a few family treasures.  At least to me they are treasures like these plates . . . 

I don't remember if it was my grandfather or my daddy that bought them  for my mother. 
They were bought at the old Leonard's Department Store in downtown Fort Worth.  (Leonard's later became Dillards).  I honestly don't remember my mother ever using these pretty plates.

I enjoyed deciding on and planning the menu . . .

This was my first time to make finger Sandwiches! 

 They were fun to make.    I was actually in a bit of a hurry I intended to use a few different cookie cutters. 

 Maybe next time!

The sweets were simple I saved and froze the cupcakes.  

The Madeleine's I saved in the refrigerator from last week.  

The Chocolate ones I bought at the discount grocery store we found awhile back.  They were already frozen.   They were perfect for my Tea Party 🍵 and the first thing I planned on the menu. 

I love my pedestals. The red I bought myself for Christmas 🎄 from money a client gave me. It came from Hobby Lobby.  The white one was $3.00 at Target.  I wish I had  more money that day! 

Although it ended up being a bit crazy with the weather today I had a Fabulous time sharing me Tea Party with you.

And now I sit at almost dusk with my feet up on my ottoman watching the dogs play and enjoying a few more minutes looking at the Tea Party table.

I am waiting till it is a little darker so I can share a sneak peek of the Fall mantle.  

I love ❤️ my garden room anytime of day especially this time of year.  It is a cozy place for a Tea Party 🍵 or just sit in the early evening with a glass of wine.

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me.

Have a Fabulous weekend!




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Molly the Airedale said...

I would have never guessed that your tablecloth was a bedspread. What a great idea and it looks so pretty!

Sum of their Stories said...

It all looks beautiful, like a proper tea party! As a Brit I LOVE hot tea, I drink it all day, everyday no matter what the weather! I totally approve of your beautiful tea party and you can drink anything you like in those pretty cups, just don't tell anyone if you choose not to have tea at your tea party, they'll never know if it's hot chocolate!!