Saturday, May 26, 2018

Welcome to Happy Homemaker.  
The post where I share a few plans for the week ahead.  
And a little this and that. 

I link with Sandra.  She provides the prompts
I add a few of my own 

The Weather
I keep repeating myself.   Spring Time in Texas is gorgeous.
Sometimes it gets a little hot in the late afternoon but it doesn't last long.   I love the Spring weather.  Lots to do outside!

Right Now 
I am listening to Domino lick her bowl.  She loves poached eggs in the morning!

On My Reading Pile
On The Kindle.  Reading now
These are all Cozy Mysteries on The Great Escapes Tours.

And another I will read for fun when I get a chance
Texas Fierce
I haven't read a Janet Dailey book in forever.  They used to be my favorites. 

And waitin' on this one.  I ordered on Amazon for our trip planning.
Can't wait to read this one and make some plans. 
The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated: 120 Spectacular Road Trips
I wanted this one but it was $75.00!
The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips
I have a client who has one.  I'll have to borrow hers. LOL!

In The Kitchen 
Chile Rellenos | This restaurant-style favorite is shockingly easy to make at home.
Still planning the menu but I now I want to make Chili Rellenos 
this week.  Just have a hankerin' for some!

On The Menu
It looks like a busy week ahead.  Gotta get with The Cowboy 
tonight or tomorrow to look at schedules and decide on a menu.

It Was Precious To Me
When I asked Donimo to shake my hand and she kept licking my nose instead. I kept saying 'I didn't ask for a kiss.'  And then she would kiss me again.   Finally after 5 tries she raised her paw.  She is a bit stubborn.  

In The Craft Basket
I wish this was in the Craft Basket.  Just stumbled onto it on Pinterest!  I love this! And I would make it in red!  Click here to get the pattern.

On The To Do List
Almost done cleaning up my Pinterest Boards
I am re-arranging my craft room.  I had a new idea about that so it is still a work in progress

My Ta Da Moment
Not a huge deal but I got the big shelf in my sewing room cleaned off and ready to move out.  My space is coming together sort of.  
My desk and table and new shelves and the hutch are a mess with everything sitting in temporary homes until I get it all sorted and 
straightened out. 

Fabulous Party Features
Forget Mississippi pot roast. In walks Alabama pot roast. It's zestier, more beautiful, and makes your taste buds cheer Roll Tide!
This sound yummy.  A different kind of Pot Roast for me.
The Bearded Hiker calls it Alabama Pot Roast.  Click here

Do Your Kids Know You LIKE Them? | I counsel a lot of people who struggle because of words that were spoken to them as children. Certainly, God can use it for good as He helps them find their identity in Him, but how sad when our kids have to overcome our parenting, rather than remember it with gratitude. You kids will be grown before you know it. How will they remember you? They may know you love them, but do they know you like them? | Parenting | Encouragement
A worthy read for parents of any age.  Donna Reidland shares some Biblical insight into a great topic.  Click here to read the post. 

From The Camera
The Chickens wanted to come to the wedding.  They were banished to their house. 


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and some fun things.  
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