Friday, May 25, 2018

Flower Friday A Walk In The Garden

Welcome to the garden.  Everything is blooming and growing. 
Today we will take a short walk and see a few successes and some failures.  
 I am Thankful I have a garden.  So I wanted to share it with you.
And I am Thankful God gave us flowers and plants.  Aren't you?

This is the second planting of Sunflowers over by one of the 
tomato patches.  This planting has grown much faster than the 
first.  This area gets much more sun. 

This is the first planting.  Already pretty tall.  But they are much 
older.  I planted another row in front.  They are 2"s now.  
I meant for this to be a Sunflower house.  Still makes a good hiding place.  We'll add a pallet to the right side and stand it up for a wall.
 I planted 3 sides.  The side on the right no Sunflowers sprouted.  I also planted Green Beans on the right and left.  I got 1 plant on each side.  Not sure if it was my seeds or the fact that the week after I planted the mower ran over them.  Hence the addition of the little twig border.
A tiny Crepe Myrtle grew up on its own.  Yes they will reseed. 
I had another one earlier I tried to transplant but it did not survive.
Totally my fault I think.  I dug it up and stuck in an empty pot and forgot about it!  I think I'll leave this one be.  For awhile anyway.
Growing around the CP is Basil you can barely see its round leaves next to the weed!
On the right is the first blooming Nasturtium.  I planted 3 seed packets.  I have a lot spreed around the garden.  It is planted in a pot in the pallet garden. 
This area was pretty much a failure.  I started this bed earlier and then didn't get to work it like I wanted.  I planted 3 short rows of Corn mixed with Green Beans between 2 rows.  One Corn sprouted. I had a couple problems with this area it was still covered in gravel. And Now there is a huge ant bed on the edge by the Corn.  I was pretty happy that at least one stalk sprouted.  Fairly good for a beginner!  I am learning!  I know now what to do different next year.
I am very happy with the Zinnia bed.  I wanted a  mass planting. 
I got about half what I intended.  But they are still pretty. 
The pic will show the length of the bed and the other flowers.
The Zinnia's are in the back corner and spread to the left and are 
interspersed amidst the herbs.  
The bed will eventually run the length of the garden to the pallet area.  Right now it ends just before the vertical planting area and the 2nd section  of Tomatoes.    I will share another shot in a few days it looks so much better now.  Beyond the Zinnia's are the Pansy's and bulbs. The bulbs are all done for now and the Pansy's are struggling. The Zinnia's actually would do better on the other end of the bed and I might add a bigger area and do a corner down there next year.  This corner is closer to the tree and gets alot of shade.  If I move the Pansy's, Snapdragons and bulbs they will do better and the Pansy's and Snapdragons will last longer. 
And one last shot.  My pumpkin plants.  I did not intend to plant them in a pot.  It just happened.  These seeds are from a pumpkin 
The Cowboy bought after Halloween.  I left it in the garden to seed.
But I moved it and set in the pot until I got the garden ready.  Well
this is what happened!  I still plan to try and put some of the seeds
in the ground.  
Thanks for visiting and taking a short walk with me.  Next time
I'll show you my butterfly bush and a few more flowers. 
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