Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome to Happy Homemaker.  The post where I share a few plans for the week ahead.  And a little this and that. 
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The weather 
It's a beautiful day here today.  Actually all our days are beautiful.  Spring time is Texas is just nice.  Our days are warm and sunny are highs are in the upper 80's.

Right now 
I am listening to the Cowboy get ready for work.  Domino is laying next to me.  I can hear the sounds of baseball games outside.
Cars parking and doors slamming as people arrive to watch the little ones play.

On the reading pile
Right now my pile is on my phone.  Every time I get a new offer I wonder just how much my phone will hold.  We are already scheduling into August.  Just a few include.
 Crazy Fox Ranch by [Garner, Deborah]
 Just finished this 5 star read last night.  This is a series but I jumped in at book 4 but it is easily a stand alone.  I loved it!
Good clean mystery!  

      The First Time at Firelight Falls: A Hellcat Canyon Novel by [Long, Julie Anne]
And I am reading this one now 
Till Death Do Us Tart: A Bakeshop Mystery by [Alexander, Ellie]

In the kitchen
Cheddar Onion Hash Brown Cups Recipe
I need to break my habit of stopping at McDonald's for breakfast.
I know ick!  I tend to drive through for a Dr. Pepper and a hash brown.  The good thing is 1 large with lite ice takes me through my
entire work day.  I am thinking positive here. LOL. 
I have been planning on eating a healthier breakfast.  This would be a better one than my normal.

Something fun to share
Teach my girls how to set a table for entertaining...Table Etiquette
Saw this on pinterest but there wasn't a link.  This brought back memories of taking Home Ec. in High School.  I don't think they 
even have Home Ec. anymore.  

In the craft basket
Two red,white,blue quilts for July 4th

Binding sewn on just need to do the hand sewing to finish it off.

This one is bigger I need to decide on fabric for the binding and get it finished up. It will go on the back of the couch for the 4th.

On the menu

Bar B Que Ribs The Cowboy can't pass up a sale on ribs he'll cook them I'll add One Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Deer Camp Beans (pinto's,black eye peas, black beans, pink bean mix)
Goulash, Green Beans, Green Salad from the garden still waiting on those tomatoes to turn red!
That roast I planned last week
Fried Chicken Wings, Mashed Potato's, Green Beans
Alfredo, Salad, Bread

Last weeks menu 
Was a flop. Actually it wasn't a flop it turned out great! I just didn't stick menu at all.  I had a client that gave me a bunch of food.  She cooks a nice meal every night and sometimes has great leftovers!

Monday in the mood for Pintos and Corn Bread✔
calling this one a check because we did make pintos and corn bread on Thurs.
On Monday we had the best Chicken Pot Pie and some sauteed Zucchini with onions and cherry tomatoes my client cooked

Tuesday Hamburger Stroganoff, Noodles, Salad (from garden)

Wednesday Briskit Taco's leftover Pinto's
Chicken Fried Pork Cutlets,  Rice, Green Beans

Thursday Roast from the freezer, Green Beans, Mashed Potato 
Pintos and Corn Bread

Friday Chicken Lettuce Wraps (I have alot of Lettuce) Curry Rice 
The Cowboy smoke sausage I added black eyed peas and fried potatoes

On the To Do List
Clean up and organize my pinterest boards
Finish the redo of my sewing/craft room
Work in garden. Plant more flowers/seeds

My Ta Da moment
I made it through the week.  And I posted almost every day!
I am intentionally trying to write a daily post or at least leave a photo and thought every day for you to enjoy!

Fabulous Party Features
A newcomer this week shared

Trisha joined us and shared lovely Lilacs.  So pretty.  When you go over and visit her tell I sent you! Click here
Eclectic Evelyn Writing Blog Wordpress Theme

I thought the topic in this post was great.  Choosing a Blog Theme.
Click here to read the post. 

From the camera

A boy and his dog.  They were happy to see each other.  Duke 
was home alone this week while the newlyweds were on the 
honeymoon.  My grandson stayed with us a few days and at friends.  We went over daily to play with his dog.
Everyone is home now starting a new life together. PTL


New #painting today in the shop! I can do custom requests for hymn paintings! Let me know what you have in mind :)

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