Thursday, May 3, 2018

Scary Rain Storms

Today's a scary day at our house.  Domino is glad that I didn't have to work.  Early this morning it was just a heavy rain.  It didn't bother her. 
But then the thunder started.
I wrap an ace bandage around her chest and stomach.  Then I put a t-shirt on her.  I wish I could video this for you.  Minutes before she was running through the house from the living room to the craft room.  She gets confused and wants to go outside.  Then runs from the door to the craft room where she looks out the window. 
Most of the time her 'clothes' we call it work.  But sometimes she 
is so stressed she needs more soothing. 
Her Kong filled with peanut butter calms and soothes her.  We
call it 'peanut butter'.

Sometimes more soothing is required like today it was a really bad storm.  After her 'peanut butter' treat she got on the couch to sit by the Cowboy. 
 Wrapping her in a blanket and being petted makes everything all better!

Bad storm is over all is peaceful.

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