Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Out Door Wednesday-Trash to Treasures

It's a beautifully sunny day.
I wanted to share my sunshine with you
Charleston Gardens
I stumbled onto the image on pinterest and I just loved it.  It reminds me of a quilt that I have wanted to make for years! 
I even have the fabric.  The background is blue plaid.  Seeing 
this image reminded me it would look so good in the outdoor room!

And now to share with you my treasures!

Someones trash along the side of the road was a treasure to me. 
I have always wanted a picket fence!  And now I have one!  
I wasn't able to get it all I filled my little Suub but I got as much 
as I could!
I have been using pallets this season in my garden.  My neighbor supplied a few and then that source ran out.  But my new
Son in Love can get pallets.  They used some at the wedding. 
Loved this idea they used.  Wanna see a couple wedding pics?
First the pallets

We had a few pallet tables scattered among the borrowed tables

We used a collection of  borrowed kitchen tables, dining tables and outdoor tables for a hodge podge look.   We were going for a farm/shabby chic look.
Had to have her horse!  He doesn't live on this property anymore.
He lives where she works.   A few of her students brought him for 
the wedding.

She dreamed of getting married under this tree  
Dreams do come true!

And now another of my backward trash to treasures

I laid a pallet on the ground and planted Sunflower seeds on 3 sides to build my grandson a Sunflower House.  This was the first time 
I have ever planted Sunflowers.  I've always wanted to.  In front
you can see the edging I made from the willow pieces from a chair I took apart.  The little edge protected the seedlings from the mower.

I wasn't sure how well this shot would turn out.  I was sitting in the 
yard last night looking out at the grass and feeling Blessed.  The sun was shining through the trees and it just looked peaceful.
Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoyed seeing my new treasures!
I hope you will come by tomorrow I am doing a Happy Birthday post
Wishing you Blessings!
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